The National Park of Haitises

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The National Park of Haitises

The Haitises is a tropical forest designated as National Park in the Dominican Republic, where they live, manatees, boas, sea turtles and hundreds of different species of birds, the site is located in the east of the Dominican Republic.

This is a protected area of the Dominican Republic, El Haitises National Park offers visitors the opportunity not only to know and admire an impressive combination of small hills or tropical wooded hills, but the opportunity to appreciate the different ecosystems: rain forest tropical mangroves, marine, keys and meadows and a long coastline of the park. Through its 21 000 hectares of parkland, rock formations, pictographs and petroglyphs can be found in service three cave systems. The average temperature is 25 c and the climate is humid with frequent rains.

National Park contains Haitises very impressive landscape features such as the Bay of San Lorenzo, Las different populations and mangroves. The irregular topography of small hills, vegetation cover this place, which was formed by erosion following the lifting of the underlying limestone, formed over millions of years. These excursions, conducted by trained naturalist guides, you get a chance to see the rich diversity of animal life, and visit the many keys and fascinating caves found in the park. Some of these caves contain pictographs (drawings) and petroglyphs (rock carvings) for his ancient people that inhabited this area unique.

The Haitises National Park contains breathtaking landscape features that tell of how the Bay of San Lorenzo and different keys, from which comes out is more about Bird Cay, which is constantly populated pelicans. National Park Haitises shown as part of the changing geography and geology in the Caribbean. Besides having a large wildlife where they live many species of migratory birds and native and top it off the site has an extensive area of mangroves, caves and caverns where visitors can view petroglyphs and pictographs as samples its past of great historical and archaeological value.

On the coast, the National Park Haitises contains a varied avifauna with many endemic species, native and migratory only in the country.  It can be visited only by water, starting from Sabana de la Mar Samana or, with prior permission of the National Parks walks are held on weekends.

Dominican Republic awaits you! 

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