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Galapagos Archipelago: Exhibitions and preservations

Sábado, abril 3rd, 2010

map Galapagos by gigema.

The mythical islands and Ecuador’s national park dazzles visitors today just as they once did with Charles Darwin, a natural paradise is not always careful, but still has another chance to be preserved.

The Galapagos Islands are now part of the territory of the Republic of Ecuador, whose mainland coast a thousand miles distant. Every day aircraft arrive there with their full load of tourists. The vast majority of Americans and Europeans, as were also the first explorers who the predators to fear.

Today there are other times and are other dangers. Tourism pressure doubles the amount of visitors that the authorities consider sustainable for a very delicate ecosystem. And while travelers tend to have a religious profile and respectful by nature, has coincided with over-exposure indirectly by local people and other companies involved. (más…)

Morrocoy National Park of Venezuela

Domingo, marzo 28th, 2010

Boca Seca @ Morrocoy National Park by Frankzo.

Morrocoy National Park is located in Falcon State, in northwestern Venezuela near the towns of Boca de Aroa, Tucacas Sanare, Chichiriviche, Flamenco and Tocuyo Coast. It was declared a national park in 1974 and has 32,090 ha.

The park covers both terrestrial and aquatic areas of the Golfo Triste, containing an area of mangroves and numerous islets or keys, among whom are drunk, Pelon, Sombrero, Sal, Playuela and Peraza, among others. In the stress relief Chichiriviche hill, with elevations of 250 m, the set of internal and creeks and mangrove cays and islands. (más…)

The Yungas: The road between the forest

Viernes, marzo 26th, 2010

Trekking en las Yungas por Ariel Belmonte.

The Yungas is a mountainous jungle cord that runs from the Puna of Bolivia dividing Chaco forests through seven hundred miles of subtropical forest to disappear gradually in Catamarca and make it clear that not only in the Misiones province of greenery can be found tropics. In the northwest there are also jungles. It is certainly a busy place for tourists, who each year comes to this place. (más…)

Caves of the World – Part I

Domingo, marzo 21st, 2010

Sinkholes | Riviera Maya by dMap Travel Guide.

From the rise of ecotourism and adventure tourism, visits to caves and caverns has become an alternative to growing public. The alternatives range from the simple amazement at the close encounter with the entrails of the earth to practices filled with adrenaline, like diving in underground rivers. But each cave in turn has different characteristics from one another, here we go then with the description…

Caves of the Riviera Maya: (más…)

Pilcomayo River National Park

Martes, marzo 9th, 2010

parque-rio-pilcomayo por Javierki.

Rio Pilcomayo National Park, is a fascinating environmental mosaic which is concentrated 30 percent of bird species and 20 percent of mammal in the country, and maintains a close relationship with Aboriginal communities

When the place and everything that surrounded the place, ie, forest, forest, grassland, savanna bathed and when the 52,800 hectare were millions before today, and soon to say just a couple of centuries, the jaguar or jaguar ( jaguar, in Guarani), or American tiger, or uturunco, as it is called, was the kingpin of a vast region extending from northern Argentina to the very banks of the Black River. And more: (más…)

Trips to Havasu Falls!

Domingo, marzo 7th, 2010

HAVASU FALLS by El Cipote.

As you journey through the U.S. west coast, as you head towards the Grand Canyon, you have the opportunity to make a walking tour through landscapes of canyons and waterfalls of brightly colored water. I speak of Havasu Falls south of the Grand Canyon in Arizona!

Havasu Falls are a series of waterfalls located on the Havasupai Indian Reservation, and for which trip it is advisable to devote two days. The Arizona Territory has historically been inhabited by the Havasupai Indians, who have lived here for over 800 years. While in 1882 the Havasupai one were forced to leave the territory, subsequently, in 1975 won the long legal battle which regained their rights to inhabit again. (más…)

Adventures in the Andes of Mendoza

Sábado, marzo 6th, 2010

Club de Lulú by gravedad system.

With an unparalleled range of attractions, which combine mountains, valleys, sun and water, the extreme south of the province of Mendoza is offered as an alternative both for those who caught the adventure of landscapes, sunrises and the sunsets that placid sleep beautifully over the Andes. Three cities and a cluster of small villages, hamlets or places dreamed up the virtuous triangle passing through this corner of southern Manitoba: San Rafael, Malargue and General Alvear. (más…)

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