Discovering Newfoundland, Canada

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Terranova was not his original name, but these lands have had from its first settlement a process of change. This is a place where natures practically unattainable constantly renew their domains, fighting inch by inch to the advancement of civilization. Newfoundland and Newfoundland, as its inhabitants call it was discovered by the Icelandic Vikings explored the North Atlantic in search of new lands. His first name was Vinland and although there are different meanings, it seems that the etymology of the word refers to the abundance of vineyards.

Discovering Newfoundland

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Located on the northeast coast of North America, Terranova is a Canadian territory, though no one would hear about the inhabitants. The locals continued to practice English with an Irish accent like something out of a medieval passage, so that no one should worry if they establish a communication with the inhabitants of the island.

Aspects of the city:

To find the place you have two options, to travel in a week of fresh air and scenery route so immense that our urban vision hard to get used to the extent of its dimensions or only have two or three days and we jump from Canada, the best option is to use it to relax and enjoy the capital, St John’s and surrounding areas. The population is comparable to a small town and life goes slowly, which also speaks of a peaceful place.

Terranova is a Canadian territory

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St. John’s is one of the oldest European settlements in North America and its founding in 1497, attributed to Giovanni Cabot is contrary to the belief that persists in the Basque Country, Basque fishermen who were arriving at the port of Pasajes de San Juan who created and named the town, from its resemblance to the port town of Euskadi.

No wonder the Basque fishermen have continued operating in these cold northern waters, where tradition has taught that there was good fishing, despite the harshness of the journey and stay in the immensity of the sea surrounding Terranova. The first maps of some areas of the coast were set by owners Basques, so some names are still reminiscent of Basque geographical areas.

St. John’s reminiscent of some Irish people, where colorful houses and according to popular tradition, they have a reason weather and are not intended to give a little color and warmth to the northern lands. Ireland have the reason is that due to the high intake of alcohol, the houses were painted a different color so that the people recognize you when returning from the pub at night. Perhaps this popular tradition also can be transferred to Terranova, where snow covers the landscape and people for many months.

Surrounded by places of exceptional beauty, St. John’s also has a rich and interesting history. It is advisable not to miss the Cabot Tower, The Mallard Cottage, The Witless Bay Ecological Zone and the Natural Park Salmoni.

When to come?

If you’re planning a trip to Canada or Newfoundland, summer is the best time to enjoy some wonders as the sighting of whales from different classes, who take refuge during the summer months in the waters of St. John’s. The icebergs are also a major attraction for visitors and offers tours that have the tourist attraction of going to see similar icebergs that sank the Titanic, which incidentally, happened near the coast of Newfoundland.


Photography by cgreb

To get an idea of what life in Newfoundland, it is very interesting the movie “The Shipping News, but nothing better than being alive right?

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