Majestic castles of Ireland

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Ireland is a land of castles, are one of its greatest identifying witnesses of great events of history, legendary battles and events that have happened in the light of the centuries. In almost every county can find an Irish castle. Whether visiting the ancient ruins of ancient castles, or staying in one of those who have been converted into five star hotels, castles of Ireland pay tribute to the people of other times. The list of castles is as follows:

Dunluce Castle

Photography by Effervescing Elephant

Trim Castle:

Castle is the largest and most important of Ireland for several centuries, was an impenetrable fortress of the Anglo-Normans who watched the «dangerous natives» who were greeted with boiling water, tar, arrows, stones and other weapons of mass destruction that they rained down from above.

Trim Castle

Photography by andrewcparnell

Leap Castle:

Fifty miles southwest of Trim is the town of Clare, and in turn Leap Castle, which is supposedly the most haunted castle in Ireland. It guarded the pass from Slieve Bloom Mountains to Munster from the fourteenth century, and its spectrum smells pretty bad, as witnessed the poet WB Yeats during a stay in the castle.

Birr Castle:

Leap Castle Close, in the exact geographical center of Ireland. Birr Castle was the seat of O’Carrolls, who were outlawed in 1620. The gardens of magnolias are the largest in the country. The castle is also famous for the giant telescope built in 1825, and was the largest in the world until 1917.

Bunratty Castle:

The site on which the castle now sits was first occupied by the Vikings, around 970 people who settled there a field for the Irish trade in the area. The whole forms a particularly popular tourist destination due to its proximity to Shannon Airport. The castle has undergone careful restoration, and its interior has been furnished with tapestries and objects of the XIV to XVI centuries, but certainly very few of these objects come from the castle itself. Every night two medieval banquets are held in the great hall of the castle.

Bunratty Castle

Photography by kthypryn

Dunluce Castle:

The spectacular cliff topped by a castle on the famous north Antrim coast, was shaped when the sea was a deep cut in the rock. Dunluce Castle was originally occupied by the family and subsequently by MacQuillan MacDonnells, later to be taken by the British in the sixteenth century. It seems that the inspiration for Cair Paravel, the famous castle of «The Chronicles of Narnia» by CS Lewis. The location is beautiful, on a promontory in the sea. It was not until just abandoned much of its structure collapsed and fell on the waves.

Carrickfergus Castle:

John de Courcy, conqueror of Ulster began construction in 1180, and remained strong until 1928. It is an original feature of the landscape. Carrickfergus Castle represents over 800 years of military power. Besieged by the Scots, Irish, English and French, the castle lived great adventures to the 2nd World War. It is a well-preserved Norman fortress on the shores of Belfast Lough. At first sight is huge and impressive, with an imposing tower and a high wall surrounded by two towers at its corners.

Enniskillen Castle:

Located beside the River Erne in County Fermanagh, this castle was built almost 600 years ago by Gaelic Maguires. Watch one of the few steps towards Ulster, and was strategically important throughout its history. In the seventeenth century became a stronghold of the English, later serving as army barracks.

Majestic castles of Ireland

Photography by Jule_Berlin

Blarney Castle:

This castle is located in County Cork and is perhaps the most visited in Ireland. At the base of the tower is the Badger Cave, dungeons and gardens. Approach is essential to the well-known Blarney Stone at the top of the castle, which according to tradition, who gives kisses her eloquence.

Blarney Castle

Photography by lawmurray

Kilkenny Castle:

The castle has parts dating from the thirteenth century, though its structure gives us the feeling of being a XVIII century palace. There have been many changes in him since medieval times, including the addition of the gardens and the change in the old stables. Today it has some art galleries and shops.

Cahir Castle:
Cahir Castle is in County Tipperary. It is one of the largest in Ireland, and is in an excellent state of preservation. During his visit we explain some fascinating features of military architecture, and will cross maze with small rooms, spiral staircases and battlements of high and beautiful views.

Cahir Castle of Ireland

Photography by Kevin Lawver

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