Lübeck, a walk through medieval Germany

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Lübeck was the capital of the Hanseatic League for centuries, and is part of the list of sites declared World Heritage by UNESCO. It is one of the few German cities that survived the massive bombing of the Second World War, and «only» 20% of the town center was wiped off the map. This is due to become the logistics center of the Red Cross during the war, and therefore was more respected than other cities that were not so lucky, like Cologne or Frankfurt. Anyway, if you visit the cathedral (Dom) and the Church of Marienkirsche, see photo exhibitions where we show the degree of blight that caused the bombing on them, and the arduous task of reconstruction.

Lübeck, a walk through medieval Germany

Photography by albertsen.training

Located in the state of Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, Lübeck is the last major town before reaching the border with Denmark. Situated on the banks of the Trave, the river with the largest German port of the Baltic Sea and one of the largest in Europe. But if anything stands out Lübeck is one of the most beautiful medieval towns of the continent.


Photography by Alaskan Dude

The Old Town (Altstadt) of Lübeck will find it on an island surrounded by rivers Trave and Wakenitz. Is quite small, so you can go walk comfortably, there is a «magic» special cross its narrow streets, passing under ancient arches in each corner and discovering small and dilapidated houses, mostly built of brick clay.

Lübeck has a significant presence of Gothic architecture. The old case is dominated by seven blunt needles on the horizon, belong to their respective churches. The oldest members of the cathedral (Dom) and Marien (St. Mary), both from the late thirteenth century. Formerly you could only enter the city through four medieval towers acted as gateways, of which Holstentor (1478) is the most famous and impressive. The city has since retained a medieval atmosphere that differs from other major German cities.

The city through medieval Germany

Photography by Bernt Rostad

In Lübeck find important landmarks, such as Holstentor (tower gateway to Old Town), the cathedral, 6 medieval churches, the Rathaus (town hall) … but perhaps what is most enjoyable walk through the old streets , each more beautiful and inspiring. Lübeck is really a lovely place and a must-see if we get in northern Germany.

Lübeck find important landmarks

Photography by uli harder

This is probably one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Europe!

Anyway, Lübeck not only of their past lives. Today is an important commercial area, where you will find hundreds of shops dedicated to clothing and footwear, among many other specialties. We are also in the German capital of marzipan, and difficult we will have to choose between so much variety and modes of presentation.

Getting There:

Lübeck is 63km. northeast of Hamburg, and is very close (13km.) an airport operated by low cost airlines: Blankensee (LBC). There are daily flights from Girona with Ryanair. From other sources, we have the option of flying to the international airport of Hamburg (HAM), with many airlines.


Dress warmly when you arrive to the city of Lübeck if you come between September and June, as well as being a city of northern Europe, never missing the cold winds that roam the streets endlessly.

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