Monuments and Castles of Germany

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Monuments and Castles of Germany

For its historical and cultural roots, Germany is full of monuments and castles that commemorate events, celebrate events or characters extol the memory of its history.

Monuments and Castles of Germany

Photography by Wolfgang Staudt

In the capital, Berlin, Berliner Dom Cathedral is the most impressive structure in the city. Located in the Alexander Platz was built in the second half of the nineteenth century. It was damaged during World War II bombing so that the city suffered, but has been restored. You can visit free, although a museum in which you must pay to enter.

The Old Museum in Berlin, is a structure built in 1830. It is the oldest museum in the city and initially housed the art collection of Friedrich Wilhelm III. It currently has an Egyptian flag.

The Brandenburg Gate, is one of the most visited structures Germanic capital. It is the representative symbol of the city, was built in the reign of Frederick William II of Prussia in the late eighteenth century. It symbolized the new access to Berlin and is inspired by the classic Greek. La Puerta is headed by a chariot of copper.

Aegidienkirche, is a church in the city of Hannover suffered by Allied bombing during World War II. At the end of the conflict was not restored the church to remember the victims of war.

The Cologne Cathedral, is an architectural marvel. Its construction in the Gothic style, it took six hundred years, ending in 1880. It is the most visited monument in Germany and with 157 meters high, was for a time the tallest structure in the world. The UNESCO declared World Heritage Site in 1996. It is the largest Gothic cathedral the world.

The Cologne Cathedral

Photography by RonDeColonia

In Munich, the Old Town Hall, built in 1474, includes a parlor and a tower Gothic design. It was completely destroyed by bombing in World War II, but has been rebuilt and now houses a toy museum. In Munich there is also the Frauenkirche, or Church of Our Lady, a symbol of the city, with towers 99 meters high.

In Hamburg there is a monument dedicated to Chancellor Bismarck, the architect of the unification of Germany. The statue is the largest monument dedicated to this character. During the Second World War, the base of the statue served as a refuge from the bombing of the town of Hamburg.

Castles of Germany

Photography by Mathieu B.

Castles of Germany:

Germany has all the historical and cultural attributes staged in its monuments and castle, in addition to its other attractions, is why it has been considered of great importance worldwide, and its castles do nothing but raise it in a matter of interest popular and historic.

Her castle has been preserved as best as they are from different eras. Needless to say each of them kept their stories, myths and legends attractive for visitors. Tenders for them there are from comfortable hotel set in castles to museums, restaurants and cultural events in nature.

Neuschwanstein Castle, is a romantic style building owned by the thirteenth century, is decorated with murals, it is actually a creation of historicism. Hohenzollern Castle is one of the most visited castles in Europe because of its stunning beauty.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Photography by jeffwilcox

Nuremberg Castle, is one of the most important imperial palaces of the Middle Ages, its rooms for large social events retain most of the wood paneling decorated with tapestries, furniture and paintings belonging to the XI and XVII centuries.

Heidelberg Castle, is the largest ruined castle in all Germany which construction work has been a contributor to seven sovereigns important attraction is home to the wine barrel with a capacity of 222 000 liters considered the largest in the world.

Heidelberg Castle

Photography by uLe @ Dortmund

Sigmaringen Castle, is a princely residential with numerous terraces, towers and viewpoints, the castle displays important works of the XV and XVI of painting, sculpture, art glass, resulting in a collection of 3000 pieces.

German castles are built amid great scenery, you can visit and imagine living like a prince or princess, listening to legends and fearing the spirits of the sinful souls or ghosts around midnight. It is also possible to participate in festivals and medieval banquets enjoy instrumental music from different eras of Germany. The visitor will feel that all worth it when in front of the great strengths and will witness the vast German culture.

Germany is an ideal destination for those who are in an interesting world history also has several plans for different visitors.

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