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The Castle of Chichen Itza or Pyramid of Kukulcan

domingo, julio 4th, 2010

The Castle or Pyramid of Kukulkan is the most impressive of Chichen Itza. Located in the middle of a large square, around which other magnificent buildings rise, and because of its proportions and design, you can admire a great distance. This building is a masterpiece of Maya-Toltec architecture.

The Castle of Chichen Itza

Photography by kudumomo

The pyramid, which is supported by a square base of 55.5 meters wide, consists of nine terraced walls, whose decor is based on projections and rectangular panels. In the center of the four sides of the pyramid are deployed sumptuous stairs leading to the upper platform, where he built the temple. (más…)

The Cathedrals of Spain

martes, junio 15th, 2010

The word cathedral inherently carries several meanings: Catholic worship, ceremonies, big buildings and venues of bishoprics. Always the cathedral buildings have been extended over time, hence the combination of various architectural styles. Today they form part of the historical, architectural and religious heritage of Spain. We approach the most important:

Catedral de Santiago de Compostela

Photography by vito7

The Cathedral of Santiago:

Located in the city of the same name, Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain). Gains great importance because in it lie the remains of the Apostle, in a crypt below the altar. Reason why many pilgrims visit each year, the Holy Sepulchre by the so-called Camino de Santiago. The year 2010 marks the Jacobean years, through July 25 day of martyrdom of the Apostle Santiago, as it coincides on Sunday. (más…)

Molina de Aragón

martes, enero 19th, 2010

Castillo de MOLINA de ARAGÓN (GUADALAJARA) por castillerozaldívar.

Molina de Aragon is located in the northeastern province of Guadalajara (Spain), has a population of approximately 4,000 inhabitants. Its climate is characterized by cold winters and harsh, and dry summers and warm, with large temperature fluctuations throughout the day, the rainfall is concentrated in the autumn and spring. Despite its foundation climatology medieval city is the center of a rich and diverse region, its strategic location and boundary of the estate outside the independent kingdoms of Aragon and Castile, their charter of reforestation and agricultural wealth, cattle and forest on the successful settlement of an urban character that has been kept alive over time. (más…)

Monasteries and Shrines – Between Europe and Asia

jueves, agosto 27th, 2009

Fifteen spectacular shrines or perched on the tops of the mountains, are defying gravity. These ancient monastic structures are 15 of the most beautiful monasteries, abbeys and shrines in the world. Below are the following:

Meteora Monastery
Meteora means «suspended in the air» in Greek, and that’s an apt description for these centuries old monasteries on top of 1,200-foot high cliffs of Thessaly the «Stone Forest», as many as 24 monasteries scattered have been established during the height of the area in the fourteenth century. Today only half a dozen are active. Today, more tourists warriors sweep Ottomans is the main visitors of this stunning area in northern Greece. (más…)

Jump centuries from Óbidos

miércoles, agosto 12th, 2009


The walled town of Óbidos is a fairy tale or romantic scene of Almeida Garrett. His charm is so irresistible that, in 1282 King Dinis Don was offered as a wedding present to his wife, the queen received the Portuguese as a mark of love. The city was devastated by the earthquake of 1755 and lost much of its heritage, but the beauty is that, like true love, can however, just because they enter the Porta da Vila, coated tiles XVIII, to take one of happiness that awaits us inside. Above the arch, take a road that descends and feel the emotion of the time stopped, as if the centuries had long passed, leaving everything in place as ever. In its cobbled streets, white houses with blue edges or radiant yellow edging decorated with wisteria, geraniums and bougainvillea. The steep slide in multiple stores pottery and porcelain, embroidery and lace. (más…)

Avignon, the oasis of legends

sábado, agosto 8th, 2009

Today we travel another charming place for lovers of medieval cities, for those who love lost between its narrow streets, crossing centuries back in history and to seek opportunities to encounter a gentleman entering the city victorious, or a lady who tell us the most mysterious legends that we could never imagine. Today stroll through Avignon, southeast France, 653 kilometers from Paris and Marseilles 80. (más…)

Versailles, the garden of the Sun

viernes, agosto 7th, 2009

Jardines de Versailles

Today we are going to put our suitcase in four centuries of French history the most sumptuous, four centuries of beauty and splendor in one of the most visited in Europe. I suppose that these assumptions do not want to miss this tour we are going to make the Palace of Versailles, home of great kings and great revolutions. Ostentatious gardens, architectural styles brought to its highest artistic expression, political turmoil and social unrest palace … A place where history sleeps dressed in luxury between its stones. (más…)

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