A dream Honeymoon in Bora Bora

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Among the world’s most romantic destinations are the islands of Polynesia and no wonder, his landscapes invite you to relax and beaches lure visitors from around the world who long ago chose Polynesia as one of the favorite destinations for your Honeymoon travel. This is precisely because of the Polynesian Islands seem imaginary, unreal by its excessive beauty that has become one of the trips dreamed of young couples who want to enjoy the beach, the sun, but also a bit of adventure, as much as you want.

One of the favorite islands of Polynesia Bora Bora is by air, shows us the reasons for this predilection. As you can see the palm trees that populate the entire island and radiating their jade green sea divisible from the sky, white sands, brilliant finish on a Pacific wetting recognized by its color and tranquility, where you can also see a gap surrounded by turquoise coral atoll.

Here we sit like birds in the wilderness waiting for our food. por krmall.

When does the plane descends on a «motu» which is a sort of island of many that are found in the lagoon surrounding the atoll, there is the airport and the adventure begins right there in Bora Bora. Just with his feet on the ground, passengers are greeted by vahines groups, as we have seen in movies, they hang colorful flower necklaces and engaged them words of greeting from the islands. After the warm reception, passengers aboard a boat which will tour the lagoon in one of the most romantic journeys that anyone could ever imagine. And this is just beginning.

Bora Bora is part of the archipelago of the Company and its small size barely reaches 40 square kilometers, which explains why many things are placed on the same sea as their stilt houses, huts or cabins, joined by a long beach serve wharf accommodation to couples who want a lot more privacy and proximity to water than they could be in a hotel.

The whole island is surrounded by a 32-mile road extension to be run in a half day and full board in a 4 × 4, on a tour that will take us to find the remains of the ancient Maraes, Maori ceremonial centers or the guns U.S. troops that left lying around the island during World War II, in addition of course to travel indescribable landscapes that include volcanic peaks arising in the center of the island and whose grandeur does deserve to appoint Monte Pahíay and Otemanu, owner with a vertical walls that will wow any climber.

Bora Bora por Train Fan.

Pera is geography but cannot go on board a 4 × 4, and really do not want to miss it so you can hire a road trip to see the interior of the island with the help of local guides help you find the best viewpoints for take pictures and buy hand-painted pareos that are sold by local artisans.

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Bora Bora hotels, like those of the other islands of French Polynesia are really lovely and are in total harmony with nature and the surrounding landscape but in case there is an image that dwells in our fantasies about Polynesia it is the one as a stage to those quaint cottages that are situated on the sea, thanks to its soil piles that raise the water. On the other hand, the intimacy that give these cabins, called stilts, can be summed up that makes us feel the sole owners of the sea, which can be accessed with just a few steps down quickly to dive into the warm waters of the lagoon of Bora Bora without having to put on, take elevators or any other formality.

However, not all hotels in Bora Bora have stilts and, on the contrary, most hotels have rooms on the mainland, therefore, if what you want for your Honeymoon dream is to stay in a better palafito that know now that is somewhat more expensive than any hotel room. One of the hotels that offer these services distinguished and highly sought after by engaged couples in the Pearl Beach Resort, in turn is one of the best hotel in Bora Bora, which offers the Garden Pool Suite and Premium Over Water Bungalow.

So you stay in a pile-dwelling or a hotel on the mainland, you cannot miss to witness the traditional dances that are offered at all luxury hotels and which is free to show that you can access through the payment of drinks since it often performed at the dinner. For couples who want to relax and not seek a lot of fun during the evenings, the Club Med bar is the liveliest and ideal for night owls own and others, since they receive any visitors and offers music and dancing till dawn.

The most extreme adventures are in the outer lagoon is surrounded by a ring of coral and inhabited by stingrays and barracudas that you can make out with suitable equipment in an underwater tour where the main protagonist has huge teeth and a relentless appetite. Feeding sharks and rays is a unique experience you can do in Bora Bora, feed these big fish with your own hand while watching the show with goggles under water without doubt will leave a lasting memory.

Later in the same tour you will meet a garden of coral where you can dive among fish of many colors and forms, including trumpet fish, butterfly fish, sergeant fish, angel fish, fish Pinocchio.

But this is just a sample of what you can live in Bora Bora, where you will arrive on Air France via Paris to Tahiti, where several flights daily out of Air Tahiti to Bora Bora.

Bora Bora an unforgettable experience!

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