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If you are a lover of the outdoors, historic Route 66 is your destination, this route is emblematic for lovers who travel by motorcycle. Route 66 traveled more than half of the United States and was the main trade route and the largest tourist route to the West Coast, much of the old route no longer exists, but still attractive to nature lovers on particularly for those who like to go out of their powerful motorcycles territories.

The route was not fully paved until 1938 and began on the shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago was already well connected with major cities of the East Coast. From here the route headed south through the states of Illinois, Missouri and Kansas border. In Oklahoma turned to the west across northern Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, finally arriving in California. Route 66 ended in Los Angeles (California), on the beaches of Santa Monica. The route has a distance of 3939 kilometers.

Route 66 was the east-west corridor favorite commercial truckers and tourists and residents of the peoples situated close to the track, before the demand for services rose along the route stations, restaurants, cafes , bars, markets, hotels and tourist attractions and it was common to see a biker go through the route.

Route 66 has been the subject of many movies and television, now part of U.S. history since due to the construction of super highways and interstates, Route 66 was relegated, there are now some vestiges solitary of this great road.

In western Arizona and eastern California are still some longer sections that are intact and include Seligman, Havasupai Indian Reservation, to Kingman, Arizona, west of Kingman, another long stretch that passes through the Mojave Desert, passing by community of Amboy, Calif., to get to the highway in Ludlow.

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The towns of Williams, Seligman, Peach Springs and the city of Kingman still retain some of the attractions along the route have been restored and are now tourist attractions of a glorious past.
The area between Flagstaff Arizona and Los Angeles is recommended to explore for in it are the larger stretches of the original route and enjoy the beautiful views offered by Grand Canyon, Sedona, Boulder Dam, Las Vegas, Barstow and the Mojave Desert. To make this journey can rent a car or hop on a Harley Davidson motorcycle and travel the route from Las Vegas to Kingman.

motard 66 por Fsabater.

In what remains of Route 66 can still appreciate the spectacular scenery of Arizona, the arid landscape and red of the desert, the giant cacti that grow in these places and if you have the mettle necessary can spend a night in the light of the stars, natural parks, in them there are campgrounds in the forest and enjoy the stunning scenery that nature provides.

The ideal time for this trip is the spring and fall, when temperatures are mild, thus avoid extreme temperatures.

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