Wine Route in the Basque Country – Álava Part II

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Although masked by its urban layout, the village is seated on a rugged area called ‘The Cliff’, practically hanging over the Ebro River to a height above sea level of 431 meters. If, on the south side of the Ebro serves as a natural boundary on the eastern side it is the stream valley, so that the entire town is facing the sun, sheltered by the hills of Misamayor.

The old part of Lapuebla is located on the west side of town around the church of Our Lady of the Assumption. On these streets you can look at many coats of arms on the facades of its Renaissance houses tidy and in perfect condition, like the one in the midday street, dating from the sixteenth century.

One of the most important squares of the town’s Castle Square. The streets adjacent passes of cows in confinement fiestas, held between 23 and 28 August, in honor of St. Bartholomew. Finally, we can recommend a place to enjoy native Lapuebla recipes sprinkled with a fine wine from such land.

Etxea Barkero in the restaurant, which is home to agrotourism and is located a hundred meters from the village church, the master hands of excellent cooks will make an evening of true culinary delight. But before you visit it is necessary to make an appointment by telephone.

Oyon, along the Ebro
It is the town of Rioja wine with a larger population and has two other municipalities annexed: Labraza and Barriobusto. It stretches from the slopes of the Sierra de Cantabria and Kodes to the banks of the Ebro River through a terrain that slopes gently toward the south.  Oyon dependent village of Laguardia was more than seven centuries, until in 1633 King Philip IV granted a royal privilege and becomes a town. Moreover, at least until 1095 this population was an important milestone in the first section of the Camino de Santiago.

LA RIOJA  Haro   C.M. por Cesalf.

As to their traditions, it is a town with a large number of festive events: the patron saint festival, held in mid-winter on 21 and 22 January, or the festivities of San Vicente and San Anastasio are of great interest in population. On Easter Sunday, on the other hand, it is the burning of St. Jude and now in the month of April is celebrated in style the feast of San Prudencio, where tradition is shared snails and hold a big ‘tamborrada’, one of the most characteristic and widespread phenomena of Euskadi.

Lanciego and holiday traditions
And continuing with the festive air, this new location offers an extensive calendar of festivals that invite you to visit almost any time of year. Among them we highlight the most important.

From June to September Lanciego neighbors enjoy up to three local parties, given the geo-strategic point where we are and how could it be otherwise, are responsible for watering the stock of the excellent local wine.  At the festival of San Juan, 24 June, and the martyrs St. Acisclo and Santa Victoria on November 17th, we must add those held in honor of the Nativity of the Virgin 8 September noted for their increased relevance.

Laguardia and Wine
Capital of the Rioja wine, surrounded by an exceptional setting and backdrop of the Sierra de Cantabria, Laguardia is a small town that stands out both for its rich historical center and for its salt ponds, Biotype declared as protected.

But if there is a jewel in this unusual destination that is Villa Lucia, (ETC) Wine, how could it be otherwise. This body brings together all the knowledge of these valuable lands on the grape juice that grows there. There are several meeting rooms, a wine cellar, conservatory with tasting room, a wine museum and a library, allowing the guests to be on its way the entire process of winemaking, from planting the vine until the wine comes to the table.

The building, made of stone, adobe and wood, admirably recreates the traditional architecture of the cellars and houses in the area. But in addition, the center offers the latest technological advances in services and many other attractions. Housed in the former recreational property belonged to the family Samaniego, Villa Lucia has a botanical garden with species from around the world, natural nooks commemorative sculptures, waterfalls, craft machinery dating from time immemorial, tents and terraces.

All invited to stay in a volatile environment, like a dream, that permeates every corner of this beautiful town of Alava. For those who decide to get drunk with a longer stay, can stay in the new Hotel Villa de Laguardia, where you will find a completely integrated into its environment: it has a thematic library on wine, its own winery, plus the services of restaurant: bar-cafeteria, pool or gardens. Ultimately, quality, service, charm and harmony of four stars.

Wine Route in the Basque Country – Álava Part I

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