Wine Route in the Basque Country – Álava

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Landscape with village por -zyber-.

The route is developed we intend to go through eight towns in the Rioja wine whose main characteristic is to be the cradle inside one of the most recognized appellations of origin: the Rioja.

Our tour promises to be a constant delight the palate most exquisite culinary offerings and seasoned with a little history. The old province of Alava is knowledgeable of the oldest techniques for making wine. Stands for, as authentic ancient temple of knowledge that is passed from one generation to strictly following the traditional techniques. A trip to its wineries is a guarantee of enjoyment for all visitors, whether or not the wine connoisseur. In this route can be admired from the wineries tucked in caves, as older wines since the Middle Ages, even the most modern of facilities.

The whole country is steeped in wine culture, which is reflected even in the smallest details of everyday life of its people. Visitors will witness the entire process, from grape selection to produce wines of the year, breeding or reservation, to the fermentation and aging in your cellar.

Most wineries allow tasting and buying wines and some also have dining. In this land of tradition is that the food accompanying wine, and not vice versa, as is customary.

Traces wine cave in Samaniego:
Particular note is the beauty of the town of Samaniego, where the cover are a must Baroque altarpiece Churrigueresque the church of the Assumption.

Returning again to the true protagonist of this story, the wine is outstanding one of his most curious relics that testify to the age-old winemaking tradition in the area. Thus, the village retains some wineries rock rock carvings of unknown antiquity, and which are still used to crush grapes. It is admirable precision with which the craftsmen who built these wineries formed in order to maximize the footprint and lead the flow of wort.  Also worthy of admiration, back at Samaniego civil architecture, the palace of the same name and the home of the Tithes.

Villabuena of Alava, tourism linked with wine:
Herrera crossed the creek, from the heights of the port of the same name that looks out from the Sierra de Cantabria, Alava Villabuena offers visitors the perfect combination of a rich heritage, especially its architecture and good civil – knowledge and tradition of an ancient and established wine culture.

bodega por maryaben.

For some years this town offers a new possibility of leisure: tourism is called ‘wine’. In this regard, as are several wineries that have converted part of its premises (former hunting lodges, old cellars, convents attached) in luxury hotels to receive such visitors. Such is the case of the former Don Cosme Palacio winery, now converted into a charming hotel whose rooms are distinguished by names of grapes. In the Viana Palace, built in baroque style in 1619, we find the XVIIII century atmosphere and comforts of the XXI century. Cidacos along the river, an old seventeenth-century mill has become a beautiful and comfortable guest house which has a charming restaurant to please the most exacting palate with their delicious culinary offerings, which are dipped in the broth of their own grapes, Viña Ritual

Alava Villabuena concentrates also a great number of houses with coats of arms, among which the so-called house of Indian, Baroque, with a dramatic relief of Santiago Matamoros. In short, we find a town in which his remarkable stroll between stalls houses, emblazoned with armorial bearings of its illustrious residents, it becomes a real pleasure for the senses.

Baños de Ebro and the grape harvest festival
Perhaps an appropriate time to visit this town in the region of La Rioja Alava is in September, when there is the famous festival of the harvest of the Rioja wine. This is a traveling exhibition that runs throughout the region and which are conducted tastings of their wines and the wine is sold both as the products themselves of these lands. On Sunday September 14th is the day that the show dedicated to this small but charming town of Alava.

Another date specified in the schedule to visit Baños is the 24th day of August, the feast of St. Bartholomew.
This town is located several wineries with vineyards whose ages vary significantly from younger to other strains that are more than 80 years.

Elciego, land of stories and legends:
We arrived at this point to a legendary venue, where an extraordinary richness in terms of heritage meets in perfect harmony with some of the best wines of the province. The name of Elciego is lost in legend. And the legends, understood in its true value, are part of history. A legend connects the origin of Elciego to the sale or raised by a blind inn in the current settlement of the people. From him, possibly, the population would take the name.

Back in the old town, we found the Plaza Mayor, one of the most beautiful in the province. It’s a town square, and provided that given the typical diocechesco phenomenon: the confrontation between the civilian elements (City Hall) and religious (church of the Virgen de la Plaza). The sides are occupied by villas of the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries.

The parish church of S. Andrew, a building constructed in stone in the sixteenth century, is situated on the River Mayor, away from the main square. In it are clearly visible several architectural styles, from Gothic to neoclassical new sacristy.

The palace also houses abound in Elciego, as the palace Navarrete Ladron de Guevara, or House of Iron ‘, located in the Plaza Mayor. This is a magnificent Baroque mansion of two floors and a basement that has an impressive balcony and beautiful corner of execution. Another example is the palace Ramirez de la Piscina, an urban mansion consists of two Baroque palaces of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries made in stone.

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