The Carnival to Rio de Janeiro

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Explosion of joy in Rio, Brazil is poised to celebrate its most famous festival, the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Music, color, imagination and emotion are combined in this spectacular demonstration of joy.
The official date for 2009 was 21 to 24 February, thousands of tourists arrive in Rio de Janeiro around the time of this event to spread the joy and the musical cadence of the bands that accompany the troupes of the major schools of Samba.

Carnival is celebrated in all the towns and cities of Brazil, but Rio de Janeiro which holds the title of Capital of Carnival around the world, is the most important feast of artistic expression of a people. Who has not heard of this lavish parties every year come more than half a million foreign tourists to the Carnival in Rio. Four holidays unrestricted indulgence without limits, begins Saturday and ends Tuesday, the Rio carnival is a secular holiday where the excesses are allowed. Even in the most secluded corners of the festivities Brazil, the best known being those of Recife and Olinda, but whoever takes the cake is definitely Rio de Janeiro.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro 

Rio Carnival offers the opportunity for entertainment and fun as possible to the tourists from around the world, but also the opportunity to learn the true culture of Brazil, the carnival is the cultural manifestation of the people is a party where people dance, sing and enjoy themselves without stopping. The preparations of the carnival are with great anticipation and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new carnival.

The party begins with the coronation of King Momo, whom the mayor hand her the silver and gold keys of the city. Then the festival begins in all parts of the city, streets, squares, bars and clubs are filled with music and dance, culminating in the grand parade of Carnival in Rio. If you’re traveling to enjoy this event, you must prepare your trip in advance, divide your plane ticket booking accommodation and of course tickets to the carnival, be sure when and how to purchase tickets, contact your travel agency in advance, do not forget to prepare your wardrobe for the occasion.

The participation of the inhabitants of the favelas, slums, it is very important because most of them are members of the samba schools and actively participate in acting and costumes presented in the carnival parade, preparing for a whole year, no matter how bad your situation, but this is the opportunity to mingle with the aristocracy. The carnival, samba and soccer are the great passions of Brazil and the carnival is testimony to this passion, the chances that all come together and play together, at this time Brazil became a tolerant society where everything is permitted.

The international airports of Rio de Santos Dumont Galeão and receive large number of flights for these dates, from which will be transferred to your accommodation if you book in advance, or otherwise it’ll have to hire the services of a taxi. The area is ideal to stay south of the town on the edge of Rio, is the nicest place to stay in the city, close to the sea and the tranquility, here are the best hotels in Rio.

Copacabana-Rio Brazil Samba Show por

Good luck and enjoy the carnival!

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  1. Rio de janeiro carnival Says:

    The idea was basically getting everybody soaked wet. People would go out in the streets with buckets of water and limes, and everybody could be a potential victim. With the sponsorship of brewery Hanseática, the Ranchos started organized competitions. They became one of the main attractions of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival.

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