Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

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From 2 to February 5, Brazil Rio explodes with joy. The biggest festival of the country has emotions, music, color and imagination that is contagious to all those present. Carnival in Rio, the largest event of the Brazilian culture that brings together nearly 90,000 spectators in the Sambadrome, the great stage of the carnival in Rio, you can enjoy watching the parade with school locations and other popular prices really expensive.

The famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro has a long tradition. He started half of the nineteenth century as a Catholic feast of inspiration that is celebrated 40 days before Easter, then introducing masks, percussion and carnival clubs where groups of people were on the streets playing music and dancing. In 1932 the first parade was held off and finally in 1984 settled in what is known today as the Pasarela Professor Darcy Ribeiro, the world famous Sambadrome, whose capacity is for 62,000 people.

As one of the largest carnivals in the world, people everywhere he travels to Rio de Janeiro to witness the most spectacular and massive event where the groups compete to the beat of samba, to see who wins the championship. The samba schools, despite the name, are not really «school», but if a huge group of musicians, dancers and costume designers who spend 11 months of the year to prepare for the show that will show during the championship at the carnival . Dancers and musicians, accompanied by floats filled with lights and ornaments, travel 800 meters from the gateway samba, telling a story. The rhythm of music, percussion remained vibrant, infectious to the public and offers a spectacle of color and fantasy that delights everyone.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

This year, the first parade of samba schools in the Sambadrome will be on Sunday February 3, from 9 pm until dawn. Marched that day the Sao Clemente samba schools, Porto da Pedra, Salgueiro, Portela, Mangueira and Viradouro. On February 4 will be the second parade on the same schedule and with the participation of schools Mocidade, United da Tijuca, Emperatriz, Vila Isabel, Rio Grande and Beija-Flor. The samba schools paraded champions again on Saturday February 9, but the parade does not have the gloss of the first presentations, the cost of entry is cheaper.

To witness this huge event, there are two choices: sleeping or arquibancada.

The arquibancada is where will the majority of people, as prices range from R $ 100 (€ 38 approx.) R $ 300 (€ 115 approx.). If you go early, you need the patience of Brazilians waiting in line all day to save the best seats. If the price of permits, it is advisable to choose the sectors 3, 5 and 7, since they allow a good view of the parade. The first area is near the entrance, so it is not the best view and the back 9 is very, offering only a single vision of a part of the parade.

The cabins are usually hired by large companies to socialize with customers. Prices range from R $ 400 (€ 154 approx.) To R $ 1000 ((€ 385 approx.) For the four days of the show. The view is simply that the privileged arquibancada, but the service buffet and drinks served, in good quantities generous offset the expense.

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  1. Maureen Lopez Says:

    Hi Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is really a rocking festival of Brazil.Every year many people comes to see this rocking performances of artists.It attracts the whole world.

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  4. Rio rentals Says:

    The Rio Carnival Event is a world-wide famous festival held before Lent each year and considered the leading carnival in the earth with millions of people per day on the streets.

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