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Masks, feathers, cotillion, it’s carnival, great chance to discover a village from a different angle and enjoy their holidays with the natives. Here are a carnival celebrating around the world:

Carnival Mindelo
Delicious carnival with Brazilian accent. The most festive and humorous carnival of those taking place in Cape Verde. They are the perfect excuse to discover the island of St. Vincent invaded the country music of Cesaria Evora.

Garçons et filles

Galician traditional Carnival
Known as Entroido has its origins in ancient times and are the most representative manifestations of the same masks rural culture, the Momos and Mecos, Los Felos Maceda, the Troiteiros of bandits rechamantes Xenerais do Ulla, the Merdeiros Vigo peliqueiros, Screens, tamborradas Viana do Bolo, Foleiros de Sande, Marfois, Choqueiros, Zarrampallos, madams and Galáns of Brass …

Laza Ps15

Carnival in Rio
The most conocino country in the world of revelry to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, music and dance ’til you drop. The whole city and enjoy the feast prepared both day and night to the rhythm of the samba. Inescapable enjoy Samba schools in the “Sambodromo” live intensely in the street festivals, the colorful and desmadre is unique in the world.

Cadiz Carnival
The most comical and fun carnival. The uniqueness of the Carnival of Cadiz is the humor and irony, rather than the colorful past, the typical satirical songs of the groups flooded the city in a good mood.

Puertas de Tierra en Carnaval de Cádiz

Carnival of Mazatlan
The colorful and popular Carnival Mexico. People from all over Mexico enjoys Mardi Gras in Mazatlan, in the northeast known as the third carnival in the world after Rio and New Orleans. Five nights of partying in the Olas Atlas to the beat of Mexican music.

Cute parader in the Mazatlan Carnival parade

Carnaval of Niza
Carnival is a luxurious and flowery. On the Promenade des Anglais along the sea, the first battle of flowers comes from 1876, decorated floats have been integrated into the carnival with over 20 spectacular floral floats.

Carnaval! por Erizo.

Cologne Carnival
The Carnival of the “fifth season” is one of the most important events in Germany. Women Taking power in the city receiving the keys to the mayor in Rosenmontag, and on Monday tens of stops carnival parade to the rhythm of traditional songs. Without doubt a female and crazy carnival.

New Orleans Carnival
The carnival in Lusiana especially in the Fat Thuesday, which is the summit of the Carnival is celebrated in all districts of the city with parades, brass bands and parades, in the French Quarter antique dress for the occasion.

Sitges Carnival
In Sitges party stands with the famous night parade of the 3rd and 5th February. The typical menu consists of a variety of tortillas and célbre Xató, endive salad, anchovies, tuna .. It is a carnival with a hundred years and is a popular phenomenon thanks to the organizing committees to provide maximum originally organized parades and dances. Definitely a Centennial is a carnival and gastronomy.

Carnaval 2009 - Sitges - Rua Infantil

Venice Carnival
The Carnival of refinement and elegance, rich, pleasant, surprising and comedy. The music and traditional dances, orchestras, performances of acrobatics and the Commedia but rhythmic parade day and night. Do not miss the Mascherata, grand parade of masks and choosing the best carnival mask. Famous private parties with dancing. The carnival queen is where the mask.

Colorful mask

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