Sun and fun in Punta del Este

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Fun, enjoy the beautiful sea, gentle beaches and lots of fun, at all times of year, that’s Punta del Este. This spa located in the city of Maldonado, Uruguay’s southeast. This destination is listed as one of the most important resorts and full of South America and why not say the world.

Sunset at Punta del Este
The weather in Punta del Este is subtropical rather benign and appropriate in summer with 30 degrees and mild in winter with 12 degrees.

Founded on July 5, 1907, is characterized by two features of water: calm, ideal for sports such as diving, if you are on the side of the river and turbulent, if you go by the sea side, but that are appropriate for adrenaline sports like surfing.

Windsurf in Punta del Este por alobos online.

It enjoys a well-structured and modern hospitality industry, with additional services for the good traveler, you’ll find plenty of restaurants, jewelry stores, clothing stores, nightclubs and quality. Punta del Este offers visitors not only attractive but a modern special natural wealth, paradise islands, wildlife, forests and a starry sky at night characteristic and Uruguay. On the other hand can access the car rental services or if you prefer and like more contact with people there are places to rent a bike and Golden Bikes & Filibusters on 24th Street.

One of the natural environment that attracts the traveler is most certainly its beautiful beaches of white sand, blue waters, where you can freely practice your favorite summer sports like beach volleyball, jogging in the mornings to watch the sunset or stroll at night to see the decline of the same, the sunsets are beautiful in Punta del Este.

As a good entertainment center, Punta del Este has great casinos, cinemas, theaters featuring the latest works in Spanish or English and a variety of international productions and shows. No shortage of concerts and festivals. The enjoyment of sport is also a constant and of course the obligatory sports activities at sea and sea, the port is suitable for cove of luxury yachts, and is certainly one stop cruise of the best American and European lines.

The resort has two main beaches: the Mansa beach is ideal for children, is located very close to River Plate and as mentioned earlier, because of this with calm waters, this beach is ideal for learning to swim and is quite safe because it has trained lifeguard service.

Furthermore, the Playa Brava is strong waves, near the Atlantic Ocean, ideal for adults and fans of surf. Lovers of the waves more frequent at night, because the wave becomes more appropriate.

As I mentioned has an excellent tourist infrastructure, a range of 5 star hotels like The Dunes Club or Lake but many visitors prefer to opt for the possibility of renting a room or an apartment, which you can find available. Some of them are for example Aguaverde, Chacra Vovo complex Siglo XXI, El Centinela, La Guillermina, watersheds, Pozos Azules, La Quebrada, Tambo tranquility, Tambito Don Andrés, La Manzanera, among others.

To book an accommodation should consider the season, for example in the case of the winter holidays is a good book before 15 days, which also works for the carnival season or for a “long weekend”. If instead you want to spend the New Year and Easter in Punta del Este, book with at least one month in advance.

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