Punta del Este – Sun and sea on the beaches of Uruguay

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Also known as “Peninsula” is the urbanization formed on the peninsula of the same name and which in turn is what gives the most important spa Uruguayan and South America.

Where the Atlantic Ocean was born. Since its Lighthouse 43 mts. high, was built by Thomas Libarena and put into operation from November 17, 1860, has developed a housing that currently has a beautiful surrounds the Rambla, sumptuous spa houses and modern buildings, a magnificent port infrastructure and capacity for large berth; shops of the most important brands, restaurants, pubs and all that the tourist needs.

Its main street is called Gorlero, and there are shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, casino and shops. In its place is the popular craft fair, which through its many stands can see and buy crafts of excellent quality leather, stone, metal, glass, etc..
As its general stressed that all beaches are public, transparent and crystal clear waters are excellent for swimming, some quiet and others with large waves, and fine white or golden sands thick.
Making a brief description of location and characteristics, taking as its starting point the Route 9 toward the east, just across the bridge over the stream, we find the Potrero “Chihuahua”, now known as the beach is naturism . The next and most famous is “Solanas, with excellent picture and a spectacular sunset, tranquil waters of this beach is ideal for children and for being away from the beautiful Punta Ballena is the most protected from the frequent winds East.

On the other side of the whale, or east side, there is a huge coastal strip until it reaches its own peninsula and is known as Playa Mansa, which is changing the thickness of the sand and its depth as area where access is provided. Its various names of the paradores is taking that are installed on their shores. They are family beaches, with little waves, conducive to the bathroom of children due to low depth, especially from the 25 to stop the Peninsula. In arriving at this and traveling around the La Rambla, is reached by the south side of the beach “The Emir,” small but excellent beach especially busy surfers because of its marked waves. Continuing along the river road towards the east are the coastal strip known as “Bravo” which starts on 1 stop, or from the Peninsula and from a rocky, reaching the mouth of the creek Maldonado. These beaches are characterized by a wave and also take their name from their stops, the most famous “Chiverta, San Rafael and La Draga.

And then along the banks of the creek and Maldonado in the same direction Bridge wave, is the quiet beach called “The Pleasure”. After crossing the Bridge Ondulante on the north bank of the creek Maldonado is a quiet beach water and ideal for nautical sports, and in “The Bar”, among some rocks, is small and nice beach known as the “Posta del Cangrejo” .- Following Route 10 east we find other Bathing beaches include smaller size and that is spectacular for its sand, water and fisheries.
Starting from the first bar that appears is “Montoya, one of the most beautiful beaches of Punta del Este, thorough, transparent and excellent water waves – ideal for surfers, populated by young and charming landscape. continue with” Manantiales “separated from the previous one which was a rocky excellent white bass fishing, this beach is sometimes considered dangerous because of its continuous waves.
That remains is the one identified with the Hotel Las Dunas, “not too busy, which makes it quiet, its sands are thicker and there are good waves .- New rocky separates us from” Bikini “, another the most beautiful, which has become in recent years in the most fashionable beach and greater acceptance by the youth, which makes it very crowded and where the presence of models and characters of the Jet Set puntaesteño.
Next rocky and “Terrazas de Manantiales”, identified by the complex building of the same name, here you can also find well-known personalities who seek tranquility.
This beach is set up a small rock that does not have an extension to call rocky but that marks the beginning of the beaches of “The Jet” and “Punta Piedras and ending it in a long rocky which is divided by a small but beautiful beach.
Once this set up the rocky start “Balneario Buenos Aires”, in which the vast coastal and beach crowded little except by people who look too quiet or fishermen, extending to the exclusive spa “Jose Ignacio. This enormous beach that is the main characteristic of being very deep, are sectors to be identified by its name to the excellent fishing that it exists.

While the coast is very conducive to fishing, there are shortcuts you can park the car a short distance from the beach and therefore constitute the so-called fishing

beach vacation definitely!


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