Places to visit in Cairo, Egypt

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Cairo is an ideal destination for cultural tourism, visit the old town, museums, mosques and bazaars. You can even visit the Pyramids of Giza by camel. Enjoy a remarkable journey in time through the different stages of its history, is a museum where they mingle the ancient and the modern, cosmopolitan city cradle of civilizations.

Places to visit in Cairo, Egypt

Photography by Peter Shanks

Cairo is considered the Jewel of the East, the fusion of ancient Egyptian civilization and the modern. It is known to Egyptians as the «mother of all cities» and the «city of a thousand minarets.» Considered the largest city in Africa and the most populous on the African continent, its metropolitan area includes a population of about 17.285 million people, making it the thirteenth most populous city in the world.

Historic city center:

Many of the attractions of Cairo crowd the Historic Center, named World Heritage by UNESCO, and visited by millions of tourists annually.

The Nile River, it passes through Cairo:

The Nile River is the longest river in Africa with more than 6,600 miles and one of the longest in the world along with the Amazon. The Nile was a critical factor for the flowering of the civilization of ancient Egypt. Most of the people of Egypt and all its cities are located along the Nile Valley.

Khan El Khalili market:

Well known are the markets and souks Cairenes. As detailed above, Eel is the largest market of Khan al-Khalili, located in Islamic Cairo, where silks and spices are the most demanded products. Also find many jewelry stores. As to the souks, the An-Nahassin is one of the most popular because of its large supply of copper and brass objects.

Opera House:

The epicenter of Cairene cultural life is on the National Cultural Centre, a complex of cultural buildings devoted to theater, dance, opera and music, located on the island of Gezira. The center highlights the Cairo Opera House. Classical music is usually predominant in the Opera of the city, although it is easy to enjoy classical Arab music. The folk dance usually represented by the Opera Ballet Company Cairo, and especially in major hotels in the city.

Azhar Mosque:

In the center of Cairo is the Al Azhar, the main Shiite mosque of Islam throughout northern Africa. Qaitbay input was built in 1469 and has a minaret on top. Inside is a large courtyard surrounded by porticos supported by three huge marble columns of ancient origin. To the east is the prayer hall, which is higher than the patio and has several rows of columns.

Mohamed Ali Mosque or Alabaster Mosque:

Mohamed Ali Mosque, also known as the Alabaster Mosque, was built in the early nineteenth century, the citadel of Cairo. the building is completely covered in alabaster and inside lie the remains of Ali Mohamed, a three-tiered tomb is on the right of the door. After the mosque is a viewpoint that provides a magnificent view of the capital. Inside the citadel, you can not stop visiting the mosque and mausoleum of Sultan Hassan, a wonderful example of Islamic architecture.

The Mosque of Muhammad Ali Cairo Egypt

Photography by MiqsPix

Visiting Hours: 8:00 to 18:00 hrs.
Entry: 40 Egyptian pounds

Philae Temple:

Located on the island of Agilkia on the Nile River, is dedicated to the goddess Isis, was built during the dynasty of pharaohs rule, very visited by tourists.

Museum of Modern Art:

It is a three storey building located in the cultural complex Opera House, and most of his works dating from the early twentieth century. Since the 1950s, Egyptian artists have evolved in three main directions: the interpretation of academic styles from neoclassical inspiration Egyptian adherence to the trends of modern art and post-impressionism, cubism, surrealism and expressionism and aesthetics folk art, folklore.

Egyptian Museum in Cairo: The largest collection of pharaonic objects from the era of ancient Egypt, was opened in 1902 is located in the plaza Tarhir. The city of Cairo offers visitors various attractions, monuments and museums, the most important of the Egyptian Museum possesses the finest collection of ancient Egyptian objects.

Egyptian Museum

Photography by Andrew Currie

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