New York, the big apple

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New York, one of the world’s major cities, the largest of the United States of America and the third largest urban agglomeration in the world after Mexico City and Tokyo.

How come?
New York has 3 major airports: John F. International Airport Kennedy is located in Queens, southeast of the city. It is the largest airport and serves the lines Delta Air Lines and American Airlines. He come most international flights and some local LaGuardia Airport, close to Manhattan. It is the main domestic airport of the city but does not allow flights over 2400 km and has no customs or immigration services, the Newark Liberty International Airport, located between Newark and Elizabeth, close to New York. One of the largest airports in the United States with nearly 30 million passengers a year.

Where to Stay
New York is quite expensive in terms of accommodation, has many hotels but perhaps the cheapest hotel is the Pennsylvania, located in Madison Square Garden. There are also shelters other option is fairly inexpensive, most notably the Hostelling International hostel. In addition, another option is to rent an apartment for weeks.

How do I move?
The Metro New York is the largest in the world due to the length of its tracks (1,062 km) and the most active stations is (468). And it works 24 hours a day, but not too wise in the evening because of the danger.
The city has a large and complex transportation system that includes the longest suspension bridge in North America. In addition, the famous yellow taxis are also a good option to get around this great city.
The city also has a rail network linking the suburbs of the regions adjacent to the city. It also has public buses as well as the underground work 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

What to see?
New York is divided into 5 districts:

Bronx: with more than one million inhabitants, is the district which lies further north and there stands at Yankee Stadium (Yankee Stadium). It is the headquarters of the Bronx Zoo, the largest with about 6000 animals.
• Brooklyn: with just over 2 ½ million inhabitants. He is known for its great cultural diversity in addition to a unique architectural heritage. It has long beaches. In this district we can see the famous Brooklyn Bridge with a length of 1834 meters, was the first suspension bridge in the world. Links Brooklyn and Manhattan. The Brooklyn Museum of Art is one of the greatest museums in the United States, besides being one of the most important. It presents pieces of Egyptian art, South American and Asian as well as vintage clothing and handicrafts. Nor can we go without going through Coney Island, the famous amusement park with roller coaster Cyclone. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the most exquisite botanical garden in the city, also in this district are Prospect Park, Brooklyn’s most famous park made by the same designers of Central Park has a small zoo and the New York Aquarium with over 300 marine species.

NYC Skyline

• Manhattan has more than a million and half people. It contains most of the city skyscrapers. It is the financial center, also in this district are important centers such as the UN headquarters, major universities and cultural attractions. Manhattan is divided into 3 sectors.

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