India: An unforgettable experience

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Travel to India means knowing the Taj Mahal, which is the symbol of their rich history. As you know this monument which is considered today as one of the seven new wonders of the world, is a clear example of Hindu architecture that flows into a variety of styles such as Mongolian, Islamic, and Persian. To know we must go to the city of Agra. However, this monument of love is not the only thing we know in India.

India: An unforgettable experience

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We can also go towards the Himalayas, which shows the country’s natural wealth. As you know the Himalayas are a mountain range that extends not only India but also in Bhutan, China and Nepal. This mountain range is considered the highest in the world can see in the Hindu area of Brahmaputra Valley. It is worth mentioning that are very popular tours and excursions, trekking and mountain climbing.

India is also a symbol of one of the largest economies and fastest growing in the world, although it has great levels of poverty. It is also considered one of the most populated.

In India we can not visit big cities like Bombay or Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra state. It is worth mentioning that this city is considered the Mecca of Indian cinema, is built on an archipelago of seven islands. Today this city is considered the largest and one of the cities with the most commercial and financial. In our passage we find magnificent ancient and modern buildings.


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Weather in India:

Today we’ll talk about a very important issue to address if you intend to travel to India. We refer to climatic conditions. It is important to mention in general terms that India has a highly varied climate, depending on the geographical area we visit. Those is, if you approach the coast south of the country and find a tropical or sub-tropical in the summer, although winter is usually something cool by the breezes of the Indian Ocean. However, if you choose to travel in the direction of the heights, you’ll find features alpine dry climates. Please respect what we’ve discussed to prepare for the luggage with the proper clothing depending on the destination you’ve chosen to visit.

You also need to know that India has four seasons of the year, the winter season, the summer season, the monsoon season, and fall. No doubt you ignore the dates of the monsoon as it would miss the trip and be protected in the hotel against periodic high winds, tropical cyclones, floods and storms.

One of the best times to visit India is during the dry season that sits between the months of November and March, though of course now with climate change there is nothing predetermined. For example, in these days of October is showing severe flooding in parts of southern Iraq.

It is important to note that the Internet can find a number of websites that provide us with weather forecasts for India, for the day, week and month, and you can access them for free.

Travel Deals to India:

India is considered the second most populous country, home to cities of great historical value, as its capital New Delhi, which is the Mausoleum of Humayun. Other cities are Mumbai, the Mecca of Indian cinema, and Calcutta, where the mausoleum of the Taj Mahal.

Tourism in India

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If you decide to visit India, you need to know to find a variety of restaurants. One of them is what allows us to travel to India during the month of August for eight days at a price of 1.454. It is worth mentioning that the departure cities are Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga. It is also worth mentioning the 11-day trip during the month of September through the Essence of India Tour. This offer comes at a cost of 1.847 euros. The departure cities are Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao. During the month of September we can find an offer of 11 days. This tour has a cost of 1.990 euros. The cities of origin are Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia and Malaga.

Also worth noting the dissemination India Circuit, which offers an 8-day trip to 1.353 euros. This tour gives us the chance to visit cities like Delhi, Mandawa, Pushkar, Agra and Jaipur.

Whatever our destination in India, your holiday is assured.

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