Finland, the country of the Northern Lights

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Finland, known as the land of sauna and vodka, is above all a country full of natural beauty, due to its peculiar geography, a peninsula on the coast and cut thousands of islands, numerous lakes and forests are typical of high latitudes, ponds and rivers. Its vast forests of pine, spruce and birch in Finland. Also as a major exporter of timber, pulp and paper.

Finland is a country to be visited during the summer. In winter, you will not have the courage to leave your hotel! Finland, located between 60 ° and 70 ° north latitude, is more than one third of its territory within the Arctic Circle and is the world’s most northern nation.

Tourist destinations are in Finland, Savonlinna, Turku, Midnight Sun, Aurora Borealis and Rauma.
Therefore, the major cities of Finland’s capital Helsinki, Turku, Vaasa, Oulu, Tampere, Kuopio, Lahti, Rovaniemi is concentrated on the southern coast of the country, where temperatures are more bearable. The 2 main cities are the capital of Finland, Helsinki, which still preserves beautiful old buildings and Turkku, historic city with a castle and a cathedral in the fourteenth century. Both have their own culture and nightlife.

Northern Lapland is occupied by Finland, a nation that survives mainly on the creation of reindeer. In Lapland, where Santa Claus and his famous reindeer, the memorable scenery of snow where there are many winter sports centers. The Finns are, together with the Norwegians, the best skiers in the world! Finland is also a paradise for lovers of cold and snow, where there are sleigh rides Siberian Huskies!

During the summer, the snow disappears and the green forest is intense: you can take advantage of the regions lakes, rafting on the rivers and used mainly to see the midnight sun, and that given the proximity to the North Pole, the sun never sets. In the winter in Finland, the opposite is true: the polar night, when the sun is below the horizon for nearly two months. Near the winter solstice, near Christmas, with a little luck, you can see the kaam, a natural phenomenon that has diffused light at night. Back in February, March, September and October, when the sky is not cloudy, you can witness the incredible spectacle of the aurora borealis, a luminous phenomenon in Finland almost magical.

Twelfth century to the first decade of the nineteenth century, Finland was part of the kingdom of Sweden. In 1917, Finland was separated from Russia and became an independent republic. The attempts of annexation of Finland by the regime in Moscow led to wars between the two countries. Today the European Union in Finland.

Without the heritage and architecture, as compared with other European countries, Finland has to offer harsh natural landscape, but of rare beauty, consisting of forests, rivers and lakes. Who will venture into the countryside with excellent options for rural tourism, which can be seen in rural farm and hosting foreign travelers. This type of tourism is a great opportunity to learn more about Finland, its customs and its people.

Turku – the city that have long belonged to Sweden is a modern and one of the main ports of Finland. Turku and its attractions worth visiting, like the cathedral in the fourteenth century, the castle of Turku, which began to be built at the end of the thirteenth century and was completed in mid-sixteenth century. Inside the castle is a museum about the history of the city. Turku is a unique museum, the ABOA Vetus and Ars Nova, and is divided into two sections. The Vetus ABOA Turku is headed to the Middle Ages, showing how it was the daily life of its inhabitants, as they lived, dressed and working. Ars Nova, as its name indicates, is the subject of modern art and exhibits works by contemporary artists from Finland and other European countries.

Savonlinna – In the region of Lake Saimaa in eastern Finland, Savonlinna is famous for hosting the castle of the same name. Savonlinna Castle, built by Erik Axelsson Totti, in 1475, was intended to protect the region from the advances of Russia. Considered the most preserved castle in Finland, which is known for its large circular tower and one of the main attractions of the country.

The Midnight Sun – In the summer the sun never sets in the Arctic regions of Finland.
Aurora borealis – the northern regions of Finland has seen a spectacular phenomenon: the northern lights, colored lights that seem to dance in the background. It is an unforgettable spectacle, is one of the attractions offered by the country. They occur in about 200 days a year, but are not visible during the summer, but if the season of midnight sun.

Rauma – The City on the east coast of Finland has been the headquarters of the major jazz festivals and fairs. Founded in 1442, has a picturesque Old Town. The oldest buildings were destroyed by fire in Rauma in 1640 and 1682.

Tourism in Finland

Finland: An Overview

Finland shows a high level of culture and is one of the travel insurance!

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