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The Republic of Northern Finland, land of the midnight sun, is one of the best European destinations. The interior attracts thousands of walkers with its untouched nature, while the islands of Åland, Turku and the archipelago of the coast are a paradise for fishermen and sailors. Moreover, the Nordic winter offers incredible icy lakes to enjoy skiing or relaxing saunas. The western border is shared with Sweden, Finland, Norway lies north, east Russia and the Baltic Sea to the south.

The temperature in Finland during the summer varies between 20 º C in the lands of the north and 30 ° C in the south. The winter can be really raw in some parts of the country, with full days of total darkness and temperatures of -20 º C.
Although winters are very cold and summers are hot, Finland is the land of a Thousand Lakes is an attractive destination throughout the year as most of the museums and art galleries stay open forever. Sure, there are certain times of year have their own attractions, like the midnight sun during the summer, the northern lights or the ski season in February.

Important Information:
The requirements for entry to Finland are similar to most visitors (Australia, South America, Canada, USA, Malaysia, New Zealand, the EU and Singapore) that do not need more than one valid passport.
The official currency is the euro, which can easily convert foreign currency at banks, exchange offices and ATMs are abundant in cities and airports. Hotels, restaurants and shops also accept major credit cards (Diners Club, American Express, Eurocard, Visa and MasterCard). Travelers checks can be cashed in Helsinki and in major cities, but ATMs are the most economical and convenient way to get cash.
Finland does not need to leave a tip because the service is included in the bills of hotels, bars and restaurants. Taxi drivers are accustomed to receive a coin or the fee is as round tip.
The level of care is very good. British citizens and those of some other EU countries may have access to emergency care on the same terms as Finnish citizens if they have a valid European Health Insurance (EHIC). Suggested hiring a health insurance coverage.
Where to go: 
Helsinki, the Finnish capital of green parks and waterways, is the financial and economic center of the country and through its plazas, markets and outdoor cafes are ideal for the summer. Some of the most important museums in the country are in this city as the Ateneum, which has collections from the nineteenth-s, the National Museum where you can see ethnological objects, the Museum Raitioliikenne (Tram Museum) and the House worker, where you can learn about the living conditions between 1909 and 1980. Other places worth visiting are the Church of the Rock, where you can enjoy concerts in addition to attending religious services; dormitory Espoo, the Finnish painter, theaters, pubs and nightclubs. Another good option is a trip to the island of Suomenlina, you can visit the ruins of his fortress, bunkers, caves that are near and the Museum Ehrensvärd.

Aland is a province of more than 6 thousand islands, a perfect microcosm for those looking to relax, or spend a few days camping in the picturesque cottages, enjoy cycling, come into contact with the culture and be wrapped by the charm of the villages. East of the Main Island Sound is the most interesting town where you can visit the imposing castle Kastelhom which dates from before 1300, the Museum of Jean Kaerlsgarden, ideal to celebrate the summer solstice, the ruins of the fortress Bomarsund dating from the time when the country was under Russian rule.

Turku is the former capital of Finland and the country’s oldest city, is another place worth visiting. Another option is a visit to Turku Castle has an interesting museum of decoration.

Some of the most important festivals are the summer solstice (Juhannus), during which people move to their second home to celebrate the longest day of the year lighting bonfires, drinking large quantities of alcohol and swimming or paddling in the lakes. In July he carried out the Pori Jazz Festival and the most famous, the Savonlinna Opera House, the medieval castle Olavinnlinna. Other festivals are internationally renowned folk Kaustinen in the Chamber Music in Kuhmo, the Ruisrock in Turku. In Finland there are two holidays rather curious, one of the sleeper is the day, on July 27, in which the most lazy of Naantali Hnako and are thrown into the sea, the other is the annual championship of women’s transport in a village of Sonkajari.

Consult the calendar and prepare your trip!

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