Finland: An Overview

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Finland is situated in Northern Europe. It is the European country with largest number of lakes and offers ample opportunities to tourists. There are areas where it is typically given a hot water bath and then go to the ice water in one of the lakes in Finland, an experience that in this country is very relaxing and all visitors should try.
Finland offers a wonderful landscape, not only for its extensive lakes and ponds but also for its extensive plain, which offers beautiful and extensive valleys contemplate. Finnish cities like Helsinki, because they are very beautiful nature and urban development are mixed with a special harmony.

General information: Weather

Finland’s climate is quite moderate despite the fact that one third of its territory extends beyond the Arctic Circle. Summers are usually mild with temperatures ranging between 13 º and 17 º and the winters are long and cold, with temperatures ranging between 14 ° and 4 ° Celsius.

Finland is located in the northeast of Europe and occupies the eastern part of the Scandinavian shield. Confined to the northwest by Sweden, Norway to the north, east and southeast by Russia and is bounded by the Baltic Sea to the west (Gulf of Bothnia) and south (Gulf of Finland). It also includes the Aland Islands, at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia.

The Finns are known for their hospitality towards the tourists.

Finland has a large forest industry makes in one of the largest European exporters of wood for construction, furniture, paper and cellulose. Also notable for its steel, shipbuilding, pulp, copper refining, food industries, chemicals, textiles and fabrics.
Its main agricultural products are based on cereals, sugar beets, potatoes, dairy and fish.

Its main mineral resources are copper, zinc, iron ore and silver.

The capital of Finland is Helsinki, founded in 1550 on a peninsula in the Gulf of Finland. Helsinki is an imperial city, which has become a major financial center and is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and lakes that give a natural charm.

From major European cities there are direct flights to Helsinki, and some, such as Sweden and Germany, ferries depart for Helsinki and Turku. To move the country there are 22 airports with good connections and an extensive rail network. You can also use the Interrail, increasingly used by young people because it allows a cost access to the most beautiful cities in Europe. A half cheaper than the train is the bus, although it is possible to tour the area by car or rent.

Finland offers a variety of accommodation, from hotels of all categories, which are the most expensive of sleep, to cabins with all amenities in rural areas. They are cheaper than hotels and accommodation is recommended by your state, usually at the edge of lakes or in enclaves that dream to conquer the visitors.
Prices vary depending on the services they offer but, overall, are the best option. There are also many shelters and campsites, which offer a very affordable accommodation to tourists. Protected natural areas are shelters and huts for the visitors.

Finnish cuisine is very diverse, but for its fish dishes specializing in the Baltic herring, salmon, trout or pike. They are also very typical of stews and reindeer oeuvres consisting of fish, meat, charcuterie and salads. Berries (raspberries, blueberries, wild strawberries …) can be found in any forest and are frequently part of the Finnish cuisine.

Finland offers a wide range of musical and theatrical to their visitors, who enjoy a night of jazz, opera and plays in many parts of the country. Pori in July became the capital of jazz.
Also in summer is celebrating the Festival Opera Savolinna in Olavi elmajestuoso medieval castle and the Festival Kaustinen, for lovers of folk art.
In Tampere, the tourist can enjoy the theater, as well as music, theater and ballet in Helsinki. Along with all this wonderful cultural offerings, visitors can also find in country pubs, bars and clubs in which to have fun.

The visitor to Finland can not avoid the temptation to acquire some of the typical objects of the country as the beautiful wool carpets and other textiles embroidered by hand. Jewelry, glass and other household furniture is that tourists can take to show off his visit to the country of Finland. The skins of mink and wood carvings are among the most traditional.

Leisure and sport
The traveler can enjoy the winter sports like snow skiing, and heavy snowfall that often cover the entire country since December. Are more frequent in summer water sports such as sailing, windsurfing and rafting, thanks to the many lakes that are in the country. Among the sports ground out walking and cycling.

As to leisure, in Finland there is a great offer music and theater.

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