Christmas in New York

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Do you remember those beautiful glass beads that are turned and the snow falls in the interior landscapes of idyllic Christmas? These spheres contain the true holiday spirit, magic and illusion of dreams. New York is like one of those big glass balls. They say it, the most beautiful time to visit New York is Christmas, where the streets are decorated, where Christmas carols are heard wherever you go, where the windows are competing to offer its audience the most beautiful Christmas. And the classic Christmas tree … one after another, everywhere, to enjoy and feel together.

Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center

Compared to many cities in the world. This Christmas, New York is much more festive and spectacular. Christmas is one that invites you to always be on the streets to live. The latest in what is thought is to stay home. Are only willing to walk and walk and walk, go into all the malls, visit Macy’s, Rockefeller Center, Manhattan or the facades of the Big Apple and Sixth Avenue.

Rockefeller Center por official station.

Every Christmas in New York begins with the ride of Macy’s that’s always the kids. Many times we have seen in Christmas movies. A cavalcade of carriages filled with the most distinct and well-known figures that one can imagine, from Shrek to Scooby Doo in a parade that has lasted 81 years walking the day of Thanksgiving (the day of the official start of Christmas) by the Broadway Avenue, a place that came to focus more than 3 million people last year.

Then is when the great tree in front of the Rockefeller Center, which is also topped by a star made with exceptional Swarowski crystals.

Dates prior to Christmas in New York
The Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the United States fourth Thursday of November each year. It was in the year 1621, when the first Americans arrived on the Mayflower was a very crude and snowy winter. Without money, without land and without food, not all survived, but they did so due to the invaluable help of the Indians Wanpanoag, which provides food and shelter. These settlers established a year later, in 1622, when the autumn, for those same dates in which they had come to America, decided to celebrate a meal with those native Indians to give thanks for the aid received a year earlier. Unfortunately, that friendship between Native Americans and the Indians took a few years, as we all know, unfortunately for the people of Indus. It was in 1789 when George Washington set that date as the official Thanksgiving Day.

That night, families gather to celebrate with a family dinner, in which the element is the turkey stuffing, which is usually served with a cranberry sauce, plus several vegetable dishes, like green beans or sweet potatoes.

The next day, Friday, is known as Black Friday because the day that begins the holiday shopping season in all malls. That day the doors opened and a flood of people is released to buy. A high percentage of the profits from these facilities are concentrated on that day that turns red in black.

The spectacle of Christmas from that day has no equal. See the huge sets of windows to be competing for the best, the facades of the buildings of the 5th and 6th Avenue, decorated with Christmas stars, see the many trees, such as Rockefeller Center or Lincoln’s, right in the area theaters.

Christmas is a special date for organizing cultural activities around the theater. Works as Wintuk, represented by the Circus of the Sun on Broadway, musicals in Manhattan such as Chicago or Mamma Mia Xanadú or Romeo and Juliet to be interpreted in the New Year’s eve in the Met are worth seeing at this time.

New Year’s Eve in Times Square

But if we do not like this kind of shows we can always go to the requested track of the Rockefeller Center ice, and how not to attend the spectacular farewell to the year in Times Square.

Good Travel!

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