Christmas in Lapland

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Christmas is coming, full of magic, dreams, and illusions, cheerful smiles to some and for others nostalgic. Sounds and colors that blend to make way for warm feelings and fond memories. Christmas, family, home, love… and many purposes. Are words.

If somewhere in the world can relate to Christmas, that is Lapland. A Christmas in Lapland, the heat of a good home with a snowy landscape, and of course, Santa Claus, brother of the place, Korvantunturi in full Finnish Lapland.

Christmas is considered the most important holiday season in Finland. They start it on December 13, the day of Santa Lucia, where a girl down from the steps of the Lutheran Cathedral in Helsinki to start the procession, proclaiming that the era of peace begins. And is that the Finns are so closely associated the idea of peace at Christmas they always welcome the holidays with a “Rauhallista Joulua” (Christmas peaceful).

Rauhallista joulua!

On the first Sunday of Advent churches open their doors to the tune of Hosanna Vogler to summon his parishioners. The day is celebrated all over Lapland Advent concerts. Is the signal for cities and businesses start a spruce.

In families it is tradition to light candles each Sunday in Advent. When it comes to Christmas Eve, every family should have a row of lighted candles (one for each Sunday), sending Christmas cards, and have placed the ornaments. The tree are often carried home the day before Christmas Eve, and there is traditionally decorated with flags of different countries as a sign of unity. Also used the “Himmeli”, some with geometric motifs made from hollow straws. The spruce is illuminated with candles, which can only be turned on from the Christmas Eve ever.

It sails give us a show worth seeing for anyone who spends Christmas in Lapland for the first time. It is customary throughout the country at dusk the day the whole family are traveling to the cemetery and Veles are lit by their loved ones, leaving on their tombstones a branch of spruce. When the ceremony ends, the impressive picture of the cemetery, for under a blanket of snow lie the graves and is the only existing light thousands of candles that draw the silhouettes of tombstones.

But traditions are to be fulfilled, and the announcement of Christmas in Lapland is officially from Turku, the former Finnish capital, at 12 pm, from which radiates the message of peace throughout the country. Families gather in the houses that day, the biggest of the year for the Finns and celebrate the traditional Christmas dinner.

Usually, in Lapland is the Christmas ham. Sometimes in USA turkey, but it is a more modern tradition. The accompaniment is a base of mashed turnips and potatoes, and is usually included with cod dishes and to finish the rice pudding. But before dinner time all serve the children waited for the arrival of Santa Claus.

Joulupukki, as they know there always appears in every home, and generally, is usually a family member who dresses up and comes with a bag full of toys. When entering custom always ask the same question … “Is there a good boy at home?”… The children, eager … jubilant yell” yes! “And then sing and dance around until you feel Joulupukki to tell the adventure of crossing the snow in his sled to get there.

On the 25th there, practically, is not held, is a day of relaxation. On December 26, by contrast, is also party in the region. People tend to go out sledding and held parties and dances.

For the tourist, living in Lapland this Christmas will be different. In Lapland are much more familiar and collected. Less night parties, and against many Christmas traditions recognizes that seemed to have forgotten. Traditions always associate with Christmas, such as sledding or visiting the town of Santa Claus on the outskirts of the town.

Tenders travels on these dates are wonderful adventures that will make this Christmas a Christmas differently. Since we can discover the Arctic Lapland in all its fullness. Attended by a real natural wonders in the sky as the Apparitions of the Northern Lights, those known as “Northern Lights”, which according to legends Stelae leave foxes across the sky on fire. and see the sky and literally burning on a frozen lake, is something you will be impressed forever.

We drive snow bike, or ride in Siberian huskies sled, surf the icebreaker in the Baltic, and of course, visit Santa Claus at home, in the Parque de Santa that only he himself created in the Arctic Circle as far as we arrive in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, and from there, send a postcard with the official seal of the Arctic.

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