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Travel to Berne – Switzerland

martes, septiembre 21st, 2010

Bern is the capital city, is also known as the city of bears. And it’s not because they are at ease in the streets, but because in Bärengraben can see up close and safely. This is a pit where several bears inhabit the romantic side of the river Aar. Being the best time to see them in spring and summer, because that is when they are most active.

Travel to Berne - Switzerland

Photography by Denise Mayumi

But Bern is of course the bears, medieval architecture, its lakes, natural areas and streets, to date have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. The places you can not fail to see are: The Clock of Bern, the Markgasse or the Tower of Prisoners. (más…)

Family holiday in Catalonia

sábado, septiembre 11th, 2010

Whether you are looking beaches, playgrounds and / or restaurants fitted with chairs. The family are looking for destinations that will meet your vacation needs and one of those good places Catalonia.

Family holiday in Catalonia

Photography by Toprural

Only those who have organized a holiday with dependent children know how difficult that rest days are truly that, relax and recharge. Predictable and please everyone. Some tourist destinations are aware that its leisure travelers make them and themselves by encouraging tourism. (más…)

Budapest: Information for tourists

sábado, agosto 7th, 2010

Budapest and a city famous in Europe, with major tourist attractions. If your destination is the city, then nothing better than knowing in advance that’s what awaits the traveler who is about to come to this city to them is that we have prepared this post, related to the data for the traveler. Then follow us and take note of the following:

Budapest: Information for tourists

Photography by anjci

Restaurants and cafes:

Previously, the Hungarian food was simple, but heavy. Currently influences have come from all over the world, while care was taken to preserve their traditions. Modern Hungarian cuisine is among the best in Europe. Not only that, it is not expensive. You will find many restaurants, and the best in the Pest side, taking to the outstanding restaurants in Budapest: Café Kör, Menza, Mokka, Tom-George Restaurant & Bar, Baraka, Fakanál, Arcade. On the other hand the outstanding cafes in Budapest: Gerbaud, Ruszwurm, Jaffa Kávéház. (más…)

Visit Ljubljana of Slovenia

sábado, julio 31st, 2010

Small capital Ljubljana is the center of the country of Slovenia to the product of a harsh story in which the protagonists were the wars and natural disasters like earthquakes that destroyed the city. Despite these facts, today is presented as a young city, but with a lot of history behind it, like its architecture and environment, long hidden secrets of the Slovenian city’s past.


Photography by Ljubljana, Slovenia’s heart

Many argue that the origin of the name of the city comes from an ancient Slavic town called Laburus, while others claim it comes from the Slavic word meaning beloved Luba, or Latin Alubiana. (más…)

Meet and travel Athens

jueves, julio 29th, 2010

Athens is probably the capital of Europe that has undergone changes in recent years. While Athens has become a modern metropolis still retains the atmosphere of a small town. Here the ancient meets the future and the ancient monuments form an Athens classic decor for a new and more fashionable, and it is precisely these stark contrasts that make exploring the city so exciting.

Athens, Greece Zeus Temple

Photography by Titanas

Athens had its golden age in the V century BC, when it built the most ancient monuments. During the Byzantine and Turkish eras the city fell into a small village, later becoming the capital of free Greece in 1833. For the 2004 Olympics changed almost all the infrastructure, and the metro, trams, new ring roads and viaducts have eased the pressure of huge automobile traffic. (más…)

Valle de los Yungas in Bolivia Nature

jueves, junio 24th, 2010

Take the pleasure of entering the wonders of nature, is better than artificial creations. Today we invite you to the fascinating Valley of the Yungas in South America, a stretch of five miles we found in the Republic of Bolivia where we enjoy a semi tropical climate, with good vegetation, canyons, rivers and waterfalls.

Corner of death on the Yungas Road

Photography by jimmyharris

Its soils range between 1,500 and 2,500 meters above sea level. The favorable season to visit is from December to February. Their lands have sown coffee, sugar cane, citrus, mango and coca. (más…)

The Acropolis emerge in the cradle of democracy: Athens

miércoles, junio 16th, 2010

The cradle of Western civilization and democracy today, Greece is still practicing as a tourist destination worldwide thanks to the wonders of the world still continues to stand in the capital: the Acropolis and Parthenon colossal. But Athens is not only vestiges of the past. In this cosmopolitan city travelers can also enjoy its delicious food, well priced, romantic walks through the neighborhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki.

Plaka beach in Greece

Photography by freddie boy

The trip to Athens can never be one more. It is always exciting to see new places and cities, especially those who are endowed with a singular beauty and historical significance of relief, but the Greek capital is more than that. (más…)

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