Travel to Berne – Switzerland

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Bern is the capital city, is also known as the city of bears. And it’s not because they are at ease in the streets, but because in Bärengraben can see up close and safely. This is a pit where several bears inhabit the romantic side of the river Aar. Being the best time to see them in spring and summer, because that is when they are most active.

Travel to Berne - Switzerland

Photography by Denise Mayumi

But Bern is of course the bears, medieval architecture, its lakes, natural areas and streets, to date have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. The places you can not fail to see are: The Clock of Bern, the Markgasse or the Tower of Prisoners.

Travel to Berne

Photography by twicepix

Tour and shopping:

Near the station is the solemn Bundeshaus building, located in the Bundesplatz, 3. Open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00, admission is free, this is the seat of Swiss government, seen in a neo-Renaissance palace. The historic center a stroll, stopped in front of their buildings. Nearby you can see the quiet passing trams. On the other side is the Marktgasse, place that last for more than six miles and draw on a long commercial for shopping.


Clock Tower, the building emblem of Bern, worth a stop. It’s called Zytgloggeturm, located in Zytglogge Bim, 5. Past, this place served as a prison, even granting that it was home for the concubines of the clergy until, after a fire in 1405, became the bell tower. A century later, the master watchmaker Bruner Kasper locked herself in the tower with the mission to create a unique timepiece. This ingenious clock also represents a medieval little theater: where a rooster crows three times while a jester rings the bells and a parade of bears.
Moreover we have to the Cathedral of St. Vinzenz, which is located in Münsterplatz, 1. During office hours from 10.00 to 17.00 with an entry of 3 euros. This building has a height of 100 meters is the tallest church building in Switzerland. Draws attention to your porch, which shows a representation of the Last Judgement.

Attractions in Berne

Photography by vitalyzator

Another place to know is the Albert Einstein House Museum, located on the street Kramgasse. The schedule to visit ranges between 10.00 to 17.00, the entry is 6 francs .. This was one of the houses where the famous scientist lived during the seven years he spent in Bern and worked at the patent office. Another place worth a visit is the bridge Nydegger, from which the pit covered Bärengraben bears. And there, a very steep slope ends at the Rosengarten is located in Aargauerstalden Alter, 31. The place is also called the rose garden. From here you can see the river coming out in the postcards of the city.

Finally a beer and what better place to take in the historic center in the Kornhausplatz, where locals come to see and be seen. Here you can enjoy Swiss cuisine Anker Bern.

Cuisine Anker Bern

Photography by Puntin1969

Berna you’ll love!

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