Budapest: Information for tourists

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Budapest and a city famous in Europe, with major tourist attractions. If your destination is the city, then nothing better than knowing in advance that’s what awaits the traveler who is about to come to this city to them is that we have prepared this post, related to the data for the traveler. Then follow us and take note of the following:

Budapest: Information for tourists

Photography by anjci

Restaurants and cafes:

Previously, the Hungarian food was simple, but heavy. Currently influences have come from all over the world, while care was taken to preserve their traditions. Modern Hungarian cuisine is among the best in Europe. Not only that, it is not expensive. You will find many restaurants, and the best in the Pest side, taking to the outstanding restaurants in Budapest: Café Kör, Menza, Mokka, Tom-George Restaurant & Bar, Baraka, Fakanál, Arcade. On the other hand the outstanding cafes in Budapest: Gerbaud, Ruszwurm, Jaffa Kávéház.

Bars, and nightlife of Budapest:
Budapest offers all kinds of nightlife, from pubs to clubs smoky bohemian artists and expensive champagne bars. Actually there was a very active nightlife even before the Berlin Wall fell.

The best known: Leroy, Gundel, Spoon, A 38 and West Balkán

Procurement and stores in Budapest:

Budapest is known for its moderately priced antiques to be found in places like the neighborhood Miksautca Falk. One of the most popular souvenirs is Hungarian Herend pottery is handmade, produced since 1828.

Shopping areas: Luxus (mall), Vorosmarty Square and the Mercado Grande. Do not miss the narrow streets with shops and wineries valued category.

More information: Shopping in Budapest:

Where to stay in Budapest?

Hungary travel tips

Photography by Omar A.

Exclusive Accommodation:

Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace

This Art Nouveau-style palace is one of the finest hotels in Europe. It is located next to the Chain Bridge across the Danube, and has also become a meeting place for people who do not live here but were attracted by the bars and restaurants alone.

Andrássy Hotel

Andrássy Hotel is located in an old building in a functional style of elegant areas west of City Park. The rooms are luxurious, with terraces and a decoration of the ’80s, but in reality are more recent.
Accommodation at great rates:

Domina Fiesta

The Italian owners Domina Fiesta is situated in a beautiful old building lovely Király street. Light and fresh rooms at a reasonable price.

Basic accommodation:

Leo Panzió

Leo Panzió is one of the best hotels in Budapest low budget. The hotel is on the second floor of an old building.

Essential Information Budapest Travel:

Budapest Airport, Ferihegy Airport, lies about 16 km south of the city. The airport offers a minibus service which is very convenient and a fixed price for transportation to the center. The cheapest option is to take bus number 93 from the airport to the metro station Köbánya-Kispest, the journey takes about 20 minutes. A taxi costs about 5000 – 8000 guilders.


Photography by jns001

Collective Traffic:

Budapest has a subway, buses and trams. A three-day tourist pass costs 2700 florins. Budapest Card valid for two days costs 6500 florins and the Budapest Card valid for three days costs 8000 florins and the price includes admission to 60 museums and discounts in panoramic views, swimming, etc. In Budapest there are three railway stations: Keleti, Nyugati and Deli, which are interconnected by the Underground Railroad. A railway company operates buses between the stations.


It is best to ask at the hotel or restaurant call a taxi to stop flowing through the street. Use only licensed taxis with yellow number plates.

Good trip to Budapest!

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