The Acropolis emerge in the cradle of democracy: Athens

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The cradle of Western civilization and democracy today, Greece is still practicing as a tourist destination worldwide thanks to the wonders of the world still continues to stand in the capital: the Acropolis and Parthenon colossal. But Athens is not only vestiges of the past. In this cosmopolitan city travelers can also enjoy its delicious food, well priced, romantic walks through the neighborhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki.

Plaka beach in Greece

Photography by freddie boy

The trip to Athens can never be one more. It is always exciting to see new places and cities, especially those who are endowed with a singular beauty and historical significance of relief, but the Greek capital is more than that.

It has both qualities, but the birthplace of contemporary democracy is also the origin of Western civilization. Since the plane, the traveler may glimpse the silhouette outlines the Acropolis, which dominates this vast metropolis of over four million inhabitants. It is the symbol of the country and origin of the ideal route across the city.

Monastiraki Square

Photography by Abeeeer

It is impossible to stop the story and, despite the contemplative wonder that you will enjoy the Acropolis and all the heritage that has survived, but not in very good condition, the visitor is transported to the Hellenistic classicism three thousand years ago and seems to be confused with the players luster that gave an unforgettable walk through the Erechtheion and its famous caryatids, the Propylaea, the Odeon of Herod, the Temple of Athena Nike (now works), the Theater of Dionysus (the oldest in the world) and in particular, by the colossal Parthenon.

Phidias, Pericles ordered the construction of this imposing temple which is considered one of the wonders of the world today that are still standing. V century BC, is almost 70 meters long, 30 wide and has 48 marble columns, Doric and Ionic.

After descending from the Acropolis on the south side can continue its journey through the Greek and Roman agora, full of clues that testify to a magnificent legacy of ruins. To complete the schedule, nothing better than to visit the necropolis of Keramikos and what remains of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the largest built during the classic era.

IMG_4683 por travelinknu.

Photography by travelinknu

Being in Athens requires tourists to enjoy the preservation of the remains of the past and to this end, nothing better than a visit to the magnificent Museum of the Acropolis, immediately to the famous hill climb. Inside you can admire the original caryatids (those supporting the Erechtheion are copies) and the few, but spectacular friezes of the Parthenon that are retained (the rest are housed in the British Museum). Another gallery that there is no leak of view is the Archaeological Museum and its amazing original pieces such as the Poseidon of Artemis, the golden mask of Agamemnon or the frescoes of Thera.

Lunch arrives and to whet the appetite, nothing better than being led by a pleasant walk around the neighborhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki, near the Acropolis, full of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the authentic local food : Musaka, salads, feta cheese, or yogurt souvlakis Greek. A length and width of these districts are also streets filled with shops where souvenirs abound.

Monastiraki by Night

Photography by Shadowgate

The Olympic Games held here in 2004 improved communications metro, bus and taxi around, and the quality of the hotels. The offer of accommodation is extensive and varied, but not always commensurate with the level of relevance that shows its class. In Syntagma Square, Athens hub It is where the peculiar change of guard of soldiers euzones front of Parliament, most are concentrated in Athens higher level, although the city is also plagued other three and four stars at prices not too expensive and magnificent views. You can sleep from 68 dollars a night.

Good trip to Athens!

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