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Legend has it that Washington is one of the most expensive cities in the world, debatable point if we compare the different studies that appear regularly in newspapers and online. But prices aside, Washington, the capital of the United States also have the appeal of visiting the center of power, that’s enough, is a beautiful city that gives travelers a few attractions and full of culture, history, tradition and power. All this, regardless of the budget available. Here, Washington for less money.

The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Photography by foxypar4

Of course, we must begin where it should be. If you go to Washington you can not miss the White House living symbol of United States history. The guided tour (free of course) takes you to visit the famous Oval Office, where with a little luck you can even see the President, as often happened, the Lincoln bedroom and the mythic West Wing or West Wing.

Washington Museum of Natural History

Photography by Allie_Caulfield

You can also book your tour within a tour of its various gardens: The Jackie Kennedy, Rose, that of The Children and the South Lawn.

This visit to the White House is free but requires a special pass that due to high demand and appeal of this tour, you can take up to six months to get it, so planning your trip, as always, the key to a successful holiday.

Another interesting and unmissable attraction of Washington is the National Museum of American History, imposing building, where three houses and treasures plant pieces and exhibitions that allow SensibilizARTE with the history of the United States almost as if you had lived. It is a perfect place to visit, especially if you go with children, as well as American history lesson that will directly, also has many areas dedicated to science and experiments that are at your fingertips … I bet you never forget .

Be impressed and remember, when you feel a chill run down your spine the first time to visit the Lincoln Memorial and your eyes get up to see the imposing statue of the president who abolished slavery and established the basis of the union, which made it possible for States United are the country that is well to remember its most famous speeches as the Gettysburg Address or the immortal words of his second inaugural address.

National Zoo, Washington DC Sloth Bear

Photography by ShashiBellamkonda

And speaking of words and speeches … «I had a dream»: the words that have become part of the essence of freedom and rights, as they were issued in the same place for Martin Luther King in 1963 the thousands of people who came from all over the country and seized the city … No doubt Washington visit is to relive the history.

Another place that will delight little ones and also for adults, so it contains, is the National Zoo. A huge park that has become home to many species of animals and birds from around the world: giant pandas, Komodo dragons, elephants, tigers, lions, birds, monkeys, in short, is an ecosystem devoted to animal kingdom can be seen in its entirety and for free.

The fauna can not be complete without flowers, and in Washington is the Botanical Garden in the United States, a magnificent collection of plants and flowers everywhere, installed in rooms with special air conditioning to emulate their natural habitat where you can walk yourself absorbed , watching the exotic wonders like orchids, colorful tulips and lilies and graceful course without paying for it.

Expensive or cheap sometimes subjective terms, especially when making a trip. It all depends on how you plan, your interests and budget of course, but for example, Washington for less money can be fun, educational and memorable … just have to be there.

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