The Lobster Festival in Maine

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Today we speak of a journey through the rugged coast of Maine from Rockland to Camden and Acadia National Park. To get an idea of your location, we say that Maine is located in the United States and close to the border with Canada on the Atlantic coast and situated in a gulf.

The Lobster Festival in Maine

Photography by spablab

Camden, the jewel of the Mid-Coast:

There is a perfect place to explore the coast of Maine: Camden, the jewel of the Mid-Coast region is a picturesque and peaceful town of just over 6,000 inhabitants located in Penobscot Bay with a postal environment. Camden is still one of those places where the doors of the houses are not closed day or night. Walking through its streets one has the feeling of living in The Truman Show. People who give the good morning with a smile at strangers and are always willing to have a little chat. One would think that is part of a scene. The pace is so quiet that makes you want to start making blueberry jam the fruit par excellence of the region. Also, here you can eat very well.

The star of the cuisine of the region is the lobster. Abundant and cheap. In supermarkets you can find less than eight dollars apiece. And while Maine is not the cheapest state in the United States, given a tribute of lobster, clams or scallops will not expensive.

The cuisine in Maine

Photography by Bernt Rostad

Kayaking on Penobscot Bay: One of the pleasures that must be in Camden is a ride on a schooner to enjoy near the rocky outline of the coast, small islands, lighthouses, lobster boats, see the seals and bald eagles. In the port of Camden, there are several boats that offer the service. The Olad is one of them. Its captain, Aaron Lincoln, a good knowledge of the area, is a fun guy and a born storyteller. There are also companies that operate motor boats, but it remains charming.

It is also a perfect place for kayaking and see the coves near the luxurious mansions of the bay. In the port there are several companies for guided tours. Another chance to enjoy Penobscot is riding a lobster boat. There are those who welcome tourists.

The waters here are cold, but abound in area lakes and ponds suitable for swimming and a pleasant temperature (in the Information Office provides information to the tourist port.) Although it is difficult to find sandy beaches, it is worth walking a while in the small coves of Laite Beach, little traffic and surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Lobster Festival in Rockland:

The nearby Rockland is more boisterous and big but is also interesting options, as the multitude of art galleries which offers unique shops and entertainment venues. Nor should we lose sight of the Lobster Festival is held annually in Rockland at the beginning of August. The races to catch lobsters, parades and public choice in the “Goddess of the Sea” (as goddess) are some of the things that surprise the traveler, but especially the taste of fresh lobster and very good price. This is Maine!

Outstanding Views: Monhegan Island. The landscapes and well worth the island has a curious history. Inhabited by only a handful of people, Monhegan has been a haven of inspiration for painters like Edward Hopper and still continues to attract artists. The island is accessed by boat from Boothbay Harbor, New Harbor and Port Clyde (the nearest point leaving from Camden, just 40 minutes by car).

The main tourist attraction in Maine

Photography by meglet127

Acadia National Park:

Located on Mount Desert Island, Acadia National Park is one of the most visited national parks in the United States and the main tourist attraction in Maine. In this environment summarizes the most stunning landscapes on the coast of Maine. It is about two hours drive north of Camden. Acadia can be made in various mountain trails on foot and by bicycle, although it is best to choose paths that follow the coastline. The park invites visitors to picnic beside one of their lakes or end the day at the beach of sand. The park is huge, so you should inquire at the visitor center to pick up a map and prioritize. What should not miss is the ascent of Mount Cadillac, famous because it is one of the first places in the U.S. that you see the sunrise. Much of the park you can go by car and some places, bus and carriage. In addition, guided tours by rangers, small cruises, and special activities for children. For those looking for accommodation near the park, the nearby Bar Harbor has a wide range of services.


Photography by Tony the Misfit

Useful Information:

Mount Battie: Before leaving Camden should leave a big way with a small hike in the Camden Hills, the hills surrounding the port. From the top of Mount Battie will provide wonderful views of Penobscot Bay.

Getting there Boston is about three hours drive from Camden (from South Station you can take a company bus Concord Coach Lines). The nearest Porltand (two hours from Camden) and Rockland (15 minutes).

Accommodations: Many of the wooden houses of Camden, formerly occupied by the captains of ships, are now Bed and Breakfast that retain the typical atmosphere of New England. Accommodation in Maine is quite expensive, but there are some establishments like the Captain Swift and The Inns at Common Blueberry are a good value for money. The Camden Harbour also noted for its breathtaking views and the quality of your restaurant.

Bon voyage!

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