Route for West Coast

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Touring the U.S. West Coast is almost a rite of passage. Sights, sounds and many frames have been feeding our subconscious, build a collective consciousness to be compared, sometimes exceeding expectations and other, falling to the mythologized vision reality that so many movies and we have set.

The West Coast

Photography by Kevitivity

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Grand Canyon, Yosemite … The list can be endless and full length that will allow us the time available.

It is a journey to do with the freedom to mark you your own tour, as well, finding a hotel in the United States is relatively easy and can save a lot if you choose this method. Rent a car in U.S. is almost essential to be able to walk comfortably the vast distances that separate visits we plan to do.

On the West Coast we can divide the major attractions for visitors in two blocks, large cities including Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, on the one hand, and the United States National Park and Zion National Park, Bryce Cannyon the Grand Canyon, Yosemite. The distances are considerable, so it is worth to choose and stay with a smaller circuit if we do not have many days and do not want to lose half on travel.

Route for West Coast

Photography by Ken Lund

If you want to visit several national parks in the area, there is a «golden pass» which costs about $ 60 and gives access to all of them. Staying within the parks is expensive, especially in summer, so two economic options are sleeping outside in motels that we caught on the way or camping and enjoy the amazing clarity of the sky and surrounded by the sounds of nature .

Normally, the route through the territory of the West Coast usually begins in Los Angeles, the second largest U.S. city and a real giant, which does not know where to start visiting. The distances are great, nothing to do with the concept of a European city. The neighborhoods are spread over the hills, different from each other, from the extreme luxury of some houses in Beverly Hills, surfing and television image of Santa Monica or Hollywood film and recognizable letters on the hill.

Tips for traveling to the U.S. west coast:

– Be careful in the city of Los Angeles, is a very dangerous city. It is not advisable to walk at night in accordance with which neighborhoods.

– Although it is summer, the Pacific Ocean is very cold and is not recommended bathing beaches. In San Francisco you will see sea lions in the harbor and nearby beaches. Quite a sight!

– If you want to visit Alcatraz, book the tickets in advance, as they are often sold out access to the notorious prison.

West Coast

Photography by http2007

– If you want to spend the night in Yosemite national park or other area, follow signs for the caregivers of the parks.

– If you’re planning a trip of this nature, do not miss to carry all your accessories such as cameras, mosquito repellents, first aid kit etc.

Bon voyage to the West Coast!

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