The Natural Beauty of New Zealand

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Almost 20,000 kilometers away from New Zealand to Spain. However, neither the distance nor the long hours of air (about 36, between flights, stopovers and transfers) prevent each year are choosing more than the Spanish know the exoticism of these lands, dreamy landscapes and rich and practically untouched nature in perfect condition.

The Natural Beauty of New Zealand

Photography by Gaudero

Although there are beautiful cities, New Zealand stands by its nature. It has the highest percentage of its territory as national parks. Made up of two islands (the North and South), presents a wide range for lovers of the environment. 

North Island:

Of volcanic origin, the North Island has a less luxuriant vegetation that her sister, but has a rich area of geysers. In addition to observing natural phenomena, one can also experience the delicious sensation of diving in the famous Polynesian bathrooms, where the temperature of water, rich in minerals, is around 30 degrees. This is particularly desirable at night, the temperature contrast.

Rotorua is concentrated in a large number of Maori (12% of the population). In recent years it has boosted the demand for their culture, but has not yet transcended the whole society, because they are not very integrated and in parts of Auckland nearly the ghettos.

Although the capital city is Wellington, Auckland has the largest airport in New Zealand. Besides being the largest and most populous city, Auckland is noted for its stunning bay, where they arrived thousands of sailboats. Can see volcanoes, now extinct, and the famous iron bridge Harbour Bridge, from where it has a beautiful view of the bay and the Pacific.

In anticipation of what you’ll see throughout the country, there is nothing wrong for nature lovers to enjoy a little in the museum of Kelly Tarlton. Penguins, marine species of all kinds such as sharks, rays and the wild piranhas come together in a large aquarium that shares space with a museum dedicated to the expedition of Antarctica.

Between Auckland and Rotorua, one can divert to visit the Waitomo Caves. The silence is absolute in its interior, and the visual effect produced by thousands of fireflies in the ceiling of the cave and ride in a boat moving gently in the tourist cause the feeling of crossing the Hades in either direction. It is one of those moments that are repeated throughout the trip in which tourists have the sensation of seeing something that is difficult to repeat.

New Zealand

Photography by kiwinz

South Island:

The volcanic island of surprises North, the South, very mountainous, with a much more lush vegetation, offers a very pleasant impressions. Christchurch, the most prominent city and county town of Canterbury, known as the «Garden City» for its abundance of green areas and parks around the River Avon. The cathedral at whose feet lies a giant chess, the squares, streets and other places of worship in space transport us to England, given the similarity very well achieved by the first settlers, Anglicans arrived in 1850.

Reflecting the UK, the Scots also settled in these lands and, as one would expect, being the antipodes, instead of installed on the warm north to the south did. Dunedin, the quintessential college town and very rich in cultural activities with enough echoes of Edinburgh, with its impressive buildings and the railway station and the University itself, built with the dark stone of the Otago Peninsula. It is in this peninsula where it is one of the largest colony of albatross in the world, and many curious seals and penguins with yellow eyes.

The main treasures are located on the other side, on the west coast, facing the Tasman Sea. Fiordland National Park is the largest. Among the many fjords two stand out: Doubbtful Milford Sound and Sound. Rudyard Kipling defined the first as the eighth wonder of the world. And the road leading up there, the Milford Track, is considered one of the best routes. Through cross 55 kilometers an impressive forest of giant ferns and trees that make up the dense region of Fiordland. To preserve the environment, the New Zealand Government restricts the number of tourists who can travel, so it must be ordered months in advance. Most people who access this wonderful place they do on the road, where not detract from the incredible views of waterfalls, streams, lakes, mountains, snow and fog accompanied by a permanent layer of rain fading (one of the places with highest rate of rainfall in the world).

Once we arrived at Milford Sound there are ships that offer routes around the fjord. It is not uncommon to see seals lying on rocks and playful, outside the passage of boats. One of the attractions of the journey is spot Mitre Peak, a huge mountain that emerged from the sea.

The nearest town is Queenstown to Milford Sound, a small tourist town on Lake Te Anau. One of the main attractions is to see the city from the cable car. A 21 km expected Arrowtown, whose main street reminiscent of American Westerns. Here there were significant discoveries of gold in the middle of last century. It’s easy to find ghost towns in the region emerged as a result of the massive influx of adventurers in search of gold. Thus, old mines and small museums are shown by the owners with enough pride and sense of humor.

Trip to New Zealand

Photography by Alan Vernon.

A little further north, another appointment with nature: Franz Josef and Fox glaciers available in a small plane and helicopter flights, but also shore excursions to go into their frozen walls. According to Maori legend, the Franz Josef glacier is formed by the tears of a sad girl whose love was killed in an accident on the mountain. Maori are many legends about magical and beautiful places on earth, certainly the last paradise.

We can only say good trip to New Zealand!

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