Escape to the Colombian Pacific

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Share the beach with sand, washed by the sea and the occasional group of crabs, tell us that with hordes of families on vacation awaits you in the Colombian Pacific coast. The star shows in exchange for neon lights, with the roar of the waves. The Colombian Pacific coast may be just the perfect place for a getaway.

The Colombian Pacific coast

Photography by ydnammmm

Dense rainforests:

The short flight from Medellin to the coastal towns of Bahia Solano and Nuquí take you over miles and miles of dense rainforest, it is surprisingly easy to discover this paradise intact in the department of Chocó in Colombia, one of the most remote regions of the country.

Rise and fall of the tide:

More or less half an hour of Bahia Solano is the fishing village of El Valle, the site where many people fall in love with the tranquility and isolation of this part of Colombia. This is an ideal place for those looking for a place where I could spend long weekends and vacations with their children, a place where time is measured by the clock, but by the rise and fall of the tide.

So what we see and do while we are away from all there in the Pacific? From July to October means marvel biggest creatures on the planet: the humpback whales.

Escape to the Colombian Pacific

Photography by fabulousfabs

Every year during that time, forty-ton mammals migrate from the polar waters of Argentina and Chile to the warm waters of Colombia in order to give birth. Both shelters offer daily excursions to see whales, a truly memorable experience. Whales, frogs, birds, turtles, etc. Babies are a sight for your eyes. Commercial fishing of shrimp, the harvest of their eggs have turned the Pacific Ridley turtles in endangered species.

Adopt a turtle:

As part of its commitment to the environment, the Almejal operates the only private project in Colombia turtle conservation efforts throughout the year supported in part by its «Adopt a Turtle.» If you are lucky, you can witness the release of the intrepid young turtles slowly turning into the ocean. Interestingly, the turtles have an acute sense of smell than females know how to get back exactly the same place to lay eggs in about fifteen years.

No doubt, nature is the main attraction for visitors to the Colombian Pacific. But from playing soccer with children minced on the beach to take a look at the heated games of dominoes with veterans of the people, which will last longer in the memory after the trip, it could be incredibly warm people that can reach know.

Canoe trips:

Intelligent tourism is creating opportunities for people in the region. In the village of Joví, for example, not far from El Cantil, community members organized canoe trips on the pristine waters of the river. Proceeds from this Colombian version of a Venetian gondola ride benefit the residents Jovi. A similar group brings visitors to the thermal waters of Hot Springs Village for a nominal fee.

There is no better way to end the day we see the sun disappear into the Pacific while sipping beer Poker, the only brand that is achieved in the village. After another delicious meal of red snapper, tuna and talking on the roof of the entrance, travel companions, are the eight and a half hours to go to rest.

the Colombian Pacific

Photography by Jorge Lascar

5-star accommodation:

The concept served by the owner acquires the most notable significance for those who are staying in a Colombian tourist inn. Attention warm, spontaneous and sincere you receive a guest by the family or partner in charge of the inn has nothing to envy to that offered by the big chain hotels. They swapped the comfort of five stars for a life experience.

The natural, cultural, culinary and human in which a guest is immersed in these cozy homes where luxury exchange for the opportunity to see first hand a region, its people and customs, is an adventure that feeds all and each of the senses.

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