Sightseeing Nalón Valley in Asturias

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Asturias offers many attractions for a tourist trip, but some of them are little known. If you have traveled to the most popular places in Asturias, such as Gijón, the coast of Llanes and the Picos de Europa, you can ask to discover a different and more recondite Asturias.

Nalón Valley in Asturias

Photography by Eric Caballero

Geographical aspects:

The Nalón Valley, located in the southeastern part of Asturias, you’ll be amazed by the combination of cultural attractions and the very beautiful natural scenery of mountains. And when I refer to cultural attractions, think not of great architectural monuments, but in the concept of culture as a way of life.


The history of the Valle del Nalón the last century and a half has been marked by the economic development of the steel industry in the coalfields. Rather, this development became a major drawback to attract tourists, but the urban landscape that prevailed in the soot of the facades, the result of the dirty emissions of that industry, are only the past. Indeed, following the demise of the steel industry in the 80s of last century, Nalón Valley is conducting a recovery of the industrial legacy as an exponent of a way of life.


Your sightseeing Nalón Valley of Asturias offers, above all, the great contrast between this industrial heritage and a jewel of nature, as is the natural park of Networks, declared a World Biosphere Reserve, which is far away from the conurbation of Langreo.

Then I advise you what to see and visit on your sightseeing trip to the Valley of Nalón in Asturias, which I have visited recently, and whose information I will expand in the coming weeks, these places are:

1 .- Steel Museum in La Felguera:

The steel factory Felguera, in the city of Oviedo, built in the mid-nineteenth century by Pedro Drive, made history with the conversion of steel 80. But his former high cooling tower, now decorated with bright colors, is the headquarters of the Steel Museum of La Felguera, where through guided tours you can learn the history of this industry in the Valley Nalón and, above all, working conditions and lives of workers who lived in that development.

2 .- Museum of Mining and Industry

The steel industry was installed in the Valle del Nalón by the proximity of the coal mines. Now you have the opportunity to visit the Museum of Mining and Industry, in The Entrego, where especially impressed you called Mina Image. This is a replica of a full-scale mine where you have feelings of the miners themselves, and explore the gallery, learn how at various times was carried out the extraction of coal.

3 .- Eco museun – Samuño Valley mining:

In this process of recovery of industrial heritage Nalón Valley, is currently conducting a project to create the Ecomuseum Samuño Valley Mining. This project, no specific date of completion, will be very attractive on a train journey that will lead to mining an interior gallery to finally climb the wire basket derrick tower of the old San Luis Pozo.

4 .- Entralgo:

In the village of Entralgo, and natural park road networks, you can discover the traces of the novel «The Lost Village» of Asturian writer Palacio Valdés, walking through places that were the protagonist of the same.

5 .- Natural Park Network:

World Biosphere Reserve, Natural Park Network is the best reflection of the distinctive and lush landscapes of the mountains of Asturias. With the ability to stay in cottages, Networks is a clear invitation to go hiking and enjoy the beauty of the large and thick forests of beech and chestnut trees. The most popular spot is called Vega Brañagallones, but you can also go to other places like the Hill of INCOSE, will have the opportunity to spot wildlife such as ibex, deer and birds of prey.

The Valley in Asturias

Photography by acebal

6 .- Cheese madreñas Casino and Workshop:

Your visit to the Valley of Nalón not be complete without enjoying the most typical Asturian cuisine in restaurants and winches in the area. But you can also find specialties according to the area of Asturias, as Casín cheese, or habits like making crafts madreñas.

Sightseeing Nalón Valley in Asturias

Photography by antecessor

Good luck!

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