The Bengal Tigre – The prince of the jungle

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Unique. Seem threatening, but they are threatened. This mammal hunter with sharp teeth, which belongs to the family of cats, integrates an endangered breed which fell in one century, from 40 000 specimens to the current 2 000 across India. Today they are protected by Worldlife Protection Society of India.

The Bengal Tigre

Photography by Jack Fiallos

Although Africa is the region most famous for safaris into the jungle and wildlife watching, the country of the Ganges has its unique species. Options to meet a real Bengal tiger.

The most popular safari destinations of today are far from the sunny savannahs of Africa: in the depths of the lush jungles of India. While Africa has five large animals «must have» India has only one: the tiger. Although India’s national animal is among the top of the list of endangered species, global population estimated (low 3,600 copies) is the rarest.

Although there are few opportunities to see a wild tiger, maybe that precisely is what makes so exciting watching the sudden surprise of golden fur with black stripes in the jungle. The following shelters, located in and around major wildlife reserves in India are the best places to stay and observe the passing of the elusive cat.


The new hotel Baghban is the product of collaboration between India and Taj Hotels CC Africa, eco-hosting company based in South Africa. Built on the banks of the Pench National Park (area that inspired Rudyard Kipling to write his book of the forest), the sumptuous hotel is comfortable and slightly kitsch. The designer, Chris Brown, director of CC Africa, selected works of art unique to decorate the rooms. The chefs prepare food in a kitchen that evokes the fifties and which faces the dining room where diners share the traditional Indian meal sitting at the same table. After breakfast served on your private terrace, you can go to the park to look for tigers on elephant back. From $ 650 per person, all inclusive.

The prince of the jungle

Photography by Ankur P

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Located in the Periyar Tiger Reserve, the Bamboo Grove, eco-lodge was built in the style of traditional structures found in tribal villages. The residents helped raise huts with simple furniture using natural elements like bamboo and grass. Village cooks prepare dishes that combine Hindu shastri six flavors: sweet, sour, spicy, salty, bitter and astringent. The reserve can be explored on foot, on a one day tour, during which he will spend the night at Periyar Tiger Trail. The guidelines, former poachers now dedicated to the protection of wildlife, and vegetarian dishes prepared up camp at dusk. From $ 50.

The Periyar Tiger Reserve

Photography by Sam Felder

The twenty huts that make up the colorful atmosphere Nature Heritage Resort are cradled between the Vindhya hills of Madhya Pradesh, in the heart of Bandhavgarh National Park in central India. The hotel is within walking distance of a traditional village and Baghel museum, which houses the belongings of the Maharaja of Rewa, Bandhavgarh former master. We should not lose the Bandhavgarh fort, two thousand years old and place of religious importance in the middle of the park. From $ 300, includes meals and two safaris daily.

The Bengal Tigre - The prince of the jungle

Photography by Koshyk

In a forest of mango, on the outskirts of Corbett National Park, lies the Corbett Hideaway lodge, hidden in the outer reaches of the Himalayas. The 52 cabins, with cool stone floors and wooden furniture, communicate with pool, spa and other buildings with paved paths. You can visit the Corbett National Park, which houses one of the largest populations of tigers in the country, you can venture into jeep or elephant. The hotel’s restaurant, Ghirney House, specializes in Mughal cuisine (especially meat dishes introduced by the Mughals). From $ 350 per cabin, including meals and two safaris by jeep.

Corbett National Park

Photography by njyo

Also in Corbett National Park, the hostel Dhikala Forest Lodge offers a variety of basic accommodations such as tents, rustic cabins and rooms. In the canteen and prepare vegetarian dishes, such as personal use of the facilities, guests can listen to their stories over lunch and watch them feed and care for the elephants used in safaris. The lodge overlooks the river Ramganga, where tigers, sambar deer (cervus unicolor) and monkeys tend to drink and bathe in the hot summer days. The best rooms are in the old hostel in the forest, and from these animals can be seen from the terrace. From $ 20 a day.

El Tigre of Bengal, the largest of India!

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  1. animal@deep (visitor) Says:

    Bandhavgarh National Park is located in Madhya Pradesh state of India. Tigers are great animals, especially Siberian tigers, which are also the largest species of cats in world.
    It would be a shamed to disappear.

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