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Ayora is the biggest town of the valley, has more inhabitants than adding all the peoples who understand and thus has many hotel services, restaurants, pubs and bars, shops and services. Once entered into the valley and we will find entering Almansa Ayora, and if access from Requena would be the first town in the valley Cofrentes in the bottom will be all the villages with their typical food restaurants and they have to choose.

I will comment where people eat and start location and where to eat in Ayora, and then in the villages of forming around the Valley.

Ayora restaurants kitchens have several types of meals and menus, and to choose the letter or place orders:

Los Molinos: Quality and price is among the best in the valley, the letter is very spacious and plenty of choice, their specialties as gazpacho are best eaten throughout the Region, other local dishes is rice the oven, the pans are or mixed seafood, fresh fish are many kinds available in the letter to both the oven and grilled, and I can not forget that the meat is very delicious as the leg of lamb but must ask in advance, beef, lamb and pork, has an extensive menu of homemade desserts, access is very good at the same road to Albacete Ayora and has a large parking lot for vehicles and buses, has a terrace to Outdoor dining is a restaurant for 350 to 400 people so they can cater for groups and bus trips have to make reservations by phone.

Type of Cuisine: Mediterranean

Average price of the card: € 25,00

Price weekday menu: € 9,00

C / Ciudad Jardín, 24

Phone: 962191924

The Corner: It is situated in the heart of Ayora on Calle Las Parras, a rustic style restaurant and eats very well, the dishes is rice that has baked the Madrid stew and rice with lobster meat to choose both veal and lamb, fish also available is a smaller restaurant capacity is around seventy people, quality and price is not bad.

Type of Cuisine: Mediterranean

Average price of the card: € 30,00

Price weekday menu: €12,00

C / Las Parras 19

Phone: 962191705

Admission: It is situated on the same road Ayora Almansa but on the same journey of the people can eat quite well, you have to choose food of the day, or ask for the letter to choose some meat or fish, is the cheapest we have named the three, a simple no-frills restaurant with good service.

Type of Cuisine: Typical Spanish

Average price of the card: € 20,00

Price weekday menu: € 8,50

C / Almansa, 1

Phone: 961890362

La Tasca El Fronton: For those looking to eat more economically is the top quality but the price is very cheap, eat well but also is a bar style restaurant, food and menu is homemade, has a lot to choice and have weekend chops and sausages.

Type of Cuisine: Typical Spanish

Average price chart: € 20,00

Price weekday menu: € 8,50

C / Doctor Roma 16 gives the corner of Highway Albacete

Phone: 962191593

The Inn on Regajo: It is situated on the outskirts of Ayora about 8 km approximately Almansa direction deviating to the same farm the Regajo, is a restaurant with typical food and totally homemade, besides having grilled meat and sausages, a good place to go with children as this in the same field and enjoy a good time and see the animals they have in the farm school, a great place to enjoy nature.

Type of Cuisine: Home Cooking, typical.

Average price of the card: € 15,00

Menu is over 9 euros and children over 6 to 7 euros.

You can order gazpacho, paella or baked rice.

Phone: 699 791 092

Teresa de Cofrentes have a restaurant of the smaller towns of the valley.

Grill House Inn and the Lessor: The food is typical of meats and sausages, grilled available for it, price is not bad quality.

Type of Cuisine: Grill

Average price of the card: € 20,00

Price weekday menu: € 9,00

Teresa Road Zarra (CV-445), s / n, km 1 on the left.

Phone: 961893191

In the village of Zarra have a bar that serves meals. Where they can make any menu or dishes, they also feature a variety of tapas the town is small and has only increases which reaches the same place at the bar.

Jarafuel another town of Valle de Ayora, here we have two restaurants in winter and one more opening this summer in the same swimming pool in town.

Camping the Jaras Restaurant: Its location is just outside the village is a campground with a restaurant where you can eat.

Type of Cuisine: Mediterranean

Average price of the card: € 20,00

Castilla, s / n. 46 623 - Jarafuel

Phone: 961 899 084

Bar Las Vegas: This is the same place on the street that goes to the people inside.

Type of Cuisine: Home Cooking

Average price of the card: € 12,00

Jarral Street No 4, 46 623 - Jarafuel

Jalance have two restaurants.

Pit Restaurant in Jalance: your situation is in the same road to Requena Ayora

Type of Cuisine: Home Cooking

Average price of the letter: from € 12.00 to € 15.00

Price weekday menu: € 8,00

Paseo del Parque, 20

Phone: 96 219 65 66

Restaurant El Valle: has a new buffet service, the price is 9.50 euros for the day from Monday to Friday and from Friday night to Sunday from 11.50 euros. The name you have put the restaurant "El Bosque" is very good Mediterranean cuisine, has a letter to taste all kinds of dishes at very competitive prices and cheap, where about 30 euros round prices, so if you want eat those foods that develops high level kitchen in Valle de Ayora, worth close to a try.

Mediterranean Cuisine Type

Average price of the card: € 30,00

Price weekday menu: € 10,00

Colón, 41

Phone: 961 897 000

Cofrentes is the people who finished the Valley of Ayora and where the river Júcar, here we have two restaurants.

Restaurant Torralba: He specializes in the district as the pot recipe cofrentina, leg of lamb and gazpacho are the main specialties. Onsite parking and a good view of the valley.

Cuisine Type Mediterranean cuisine

Average price of the menu: from € 24.00 to € 36.00

Price weekday menu: from € 10.00 to € 12.00

Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

Menu, and typical food menu on request.

C / San Antonio 58, Cofrentes

Phone: 961 894 159

It is the most detailed information I can provide you the Valle de Ayora restaurants where you can eat, I'm not an owner and hope to serve you if you are in this area within the Valencia and they give you plenty to eat

Good appetite!

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