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Knowing the Vienna Opera

jueves, septiembre 8th, 2011

Knowing the Vienna Opera

It was the first building that led to the Ring in Vienna, an urban whim of Emperor Franz Joseph I made up a grand boulevard five miles long that links the center of the Austrian capital and surrounds the old town. Its foundation stone was, therefore, the Staatsoper, or State Opera. Today cites this colossal structure is undisputed for the millions of tourists who come to the Central European capital and is regarded by audiophiles the world as a center of the opera more relevant, however almost two hundred years ago, when opened, was reviled and criticized by the public.

Vienna of the opera

Photography by ChrisYunker

A controversial opera in its infancy: (más…)

Nantes and monsters dreamed up by Jules Verne

viernes, agosto 26th, 2011

In the former shipyards of Nantes, presents a majestic elephant walk 12 meters parsimoniously by the banks of the Loire River, a huge sea monsters emerging from a renovated units and a huge port hanging gardens begin to sprout. They are mechanical structures that seem to have escaped from a book by Jules Verne, Nantes illustrious son of inspiration and driving force of the Machines de l’Ile, a unique cultural space extending the tourist attractions this placid town gala.

Nantes and monsters dreamed

Photography by traaf

Port of its glorious past as the axis of the triangular trade between mainland France, Africa and the Caribbean, just nothing left after the construction of a large modern port in Saint Nazaire at the mouth of river. Only the Titan crane, which was declared cultural heritage, stunning and striking survives with its intense yellow color in the Isle of Nantes, where it went and entered the ocean vessels that fed the early childhood fantasies of Jules Verne. (más…)

Tourism war: The Battle of the Bulge

domingo, agosto 21st, 2011

The Battle of the Bulge was undoubtedly one of the big surprises of the Second World War was also one of the most famous battles of the war, after perhaps the most famous of all, the battle of Normandy. Large numbers come with it: three huge armies clashed, the U.S. and Britain by the Allies (totaling 840,000 soldiers and 1,300 tanks), and Germany on the Axis (with a force of about 500,000 men. And more than 1,800 armored). About 90,000 soldiers were killed by each side (and 3,000 civilians), and after months of struggling, the battle was a draw. Only it was the last major battle launched by the Germans, who were finally exhausted and the dying remnants of an army that it could neither defend the borders of their country.

The Battle of the Bulge

Photography by Jeff Kubina

Tourist route: (más…)

The symbols of Paracas in Peru

martes, julio 12th, 2011

There are dozens of versions of the origin of the drawings presented in Paracas, this from ancient navigators and pirates (who would have used to guide the seas), and of course, no shortage of theories about extraterrestrial beings. They speak a strange and mysterious connection between the candelabra and the most famous Nazca lines, less than 200 km.

The symbols of Paracas in Peru

Photography by Bruno Girin

The best known are The Monkey, Hummingbird, The Whale, The Spider and The Astronaut, although the figures recorded so far total more than 300. The mythical Nazca lines can now visit Cessna flying from the airport in Pisco, just 15 km from Paracas, on a trip to clearly shorter than if you leave Lima (the route through the Pan American Highway, also not is particularly an amusement park). (más…)

The National Art Museum of Catalonia

miércoles, junio 22nd, 2011

MNAC, short for The National Art Museum of Catalonia, standing in a perfect position on Montjuic hill, Barcelona, Spain, boasts a large number of objects of ancient and modern art.

The National Art Museum of Catalonia

Photography by radamantis_t

The name «National Art Museum of Catalonia» or as the Spanish say «Museo Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.» It is the result of the merger of Catalonia Museums Act, the Museum of Catalan Art and the Museum of Modern Art in 1990. MNAC enjoys a rich collection of Romanesque art from 11 to 13 centuries, which are mostly taken from chapels and churches in and around the area of Catalonia. These are the murals were taken to the museum very carefully. (más…)

Breaks homelands to celebrate the Bicentennial

viernes, mayo 20th, 2011

A day commemorating the 200 years of the country, is decreased time to know what they offer those parts of the country where history was forged. Prices and data to know where to go. The «mini vacation» from May, starting on Saturday 22 only once in the context of the Bicentennial, become the perfect excuse to find interesting places, monuments, streets and places in Argentina’s history that left its mark.

Breaks homelands to celebrate the Bicentennial

Photography by Mariano Pernicone

The headquarters of the Independence:

The provincial capital San Miguel de Tucumán was declared a Historic City in 2000 by the national government. (más…)

The Magic Castle Bavaria

lunes, mayo 16th, 2011

Neuschwanstein Castle – The Magic Castle Bavaria

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is one of those castles look thrilled. Built by Ludwig II of Bavaria in the mid-nineteenth century, a time that were not necessary strengths, was strongly criticized by the insolvency of the German government in those times. Neoclassical style, the king imposed a bizarre rules for its construction and its workers were only of Bavaria, and the materials to be built just outside the region. Besides his inspiration came from the fairy tales and operas of Wagner both had inspired him in his time of youth. Neuschwanstein represents both the architectural style inspired by King Ludwig II, the romanticism and enthusiasm for Richard Wagner.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

Photography by Reenie-Just Reenie

Visit Neuschwanstein Castle:

To visit the Neuschwanstein Castle Füssen you will have to go and from there a few miles you will come to access the castle. (más…)

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