The Costa Atlantica Gaditana

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Since the arrival in Cadiz Benalup and of course coming to the meeting points are on our way, Barbate, Chiclana, Conil De La Frontera, San Fernando, Vejer de la Frontera.
The recommended season is all year, we have to understand their nature and art. We recommend a mobility of tourists on the long road trip.

Starting from Cadiz, the Atlantic Coast runs the steps of the traveler, at any time of year, places to dream for San Fernando, Chiclana, Conil and Vejer de la Frontera, Barbate and only by Benalup.
The province of Cadiz, on the borderline between Europe and Africa, is the sum of the different cultures and civilizations that have inhabited. This is a province of contrasts in which unite the Atlantic and Mediterranean. The route that we propose is that this time, the ocean side, whose coastline saw spots of great beauty, and remnants of mythology or Arabs, among many others.

The capital of the province, the city’s Carnival of Cadiz, grown under the trade and shipbuilding, and now, tourism, presents a face americanista, ocean or romantic. The sea has given way to the capital of a rich heritage in being defensive bastions such as the Puerta de Tierra, Candelaria, the Martyrs, the castle of Santiago or San Sebastian. New Cathedral is the distance from sea, while the medieval quarter of populism offers an unforgettable ride. Narrow streets and hidden squares, mansions and palaces bear witness to the history of a city where the first constitution was promulgated Spanish.

San Fernando, the call of the south island
The sports capital of Cadiz, San Fernando, is profiled in the distance surrounded by saline and with a beautiful and rich maritime heritage.

The island’s south, as called to the town of San Fernando, in Cadiz province of Cadiz, has a maritime and military history that has shaped the architecture and character of the place. It is a municipality in which living baroque and neoclassical styles. The building of the Archives Department, Hospital San Carlos, the illustrious pantheon of Marines, the Non-Commissioned Officers School of Infantry and the headquarters are some architectural elements that a tourist should not miss. In this town of tasty fried fish and the salt that have shaped white pyramids, you can also cite religious buildings like the churches of San Pedro and San Pablo, San Francisco, Santísimo Cristo de la Vera Cruz, and the church of Pastor . They are all neo-classical touches, and the Patio Cambiazo is a popular example of baroque architecture.

The medieval castle of San Romualdo, the theater of the Courts and the Carraca enrich the arsenal of the visit to San Fernando. The town is located in the Marine Aquarium Expo where you can both Atlantic and Mediterranean ecosystems.

Chiclana de la Frontera, mythological scene
Among pines and salt town is set in a mythological reminiscences behind La Barrosa, one of the emblematic scenery of the Costa de la Luz.

Chiclana de la Frontera has been the scene of fables related mythology. Witness to this are the ruins of the castle of Sancti Petri, heir of the temple dedicated to Hercules, which existed in his day. The town of Cadiz, a place of recreation for old people enriched by trade, symbolizing the entrance to the bay in the province. It also has the most beautiful beach of Costa de la Luz, La Barrosa.

The city boasts of religious enclaves, such as the churches of St. John the Baptist, Jesus of Nazareth or the church of Santa Ana Archaeological remains in Chiclana de la Frontera attract tourism, as well as its seafood and wineries chiclaneras.

One proposal suggested is to get on the ferry town of Chiclana to the port of Sancti Petri, returning to the same place shortly afterwards.

Conil de la Frontera, quiet fishing village
Chaired by the Tower of Guzman el Bueno, Conil de la Frontera is an ideal place for relaxation and enjoyment of large caches of environmental wealth.

On the shores of the Atlantic lies the town of Conil de la Frontera, which has maintained its tradition of seafaring and fishing. Nevertheless, from the gastronomic point of view, are more typical of dishes rather than meat cooked with fish.

The coast of Conil de la Frontera has an outstanding environmental quality. Along its coast can watch towers and crenellated Castilnovo, Roche or pork. It is built to fend off attacks by pirates. From his old fortress is preserved Gate Village, stopping at a tourist walk through the place. It is recommended, while visiting the Oil Creek, the beach of La Fontanilla and Fuente del Gallo. Finally, the Municipal Museum of Conileñas Estate can help us better understand the idiosyncrasies of Conil de la Frontera.

Vejer de la Frontera, immaculate town
White Arabic, Vejer de la Frontera living from agriculture and livestock, besides tourism, with its scenic walks, their natural sites and their religious heritage.

The immaculate purity of a steep street and white gives the town of Vejer de la Frontera, one of its main attractions. The last of Arabic Andalusia is manifested in this agricultural town in the region of La Janda. The steps of the traveler may be directed by the Jewish neighborhood until the palace of the Marquis of Tamaron. Windmills are one of the recommended routes, and that brings us to the convent of the Conception and the Sisters of St. Francis, the church of the Rosary or the church of Nuestra Señora de la Oliva.

However, the castle is one of its main assets emblems and towers Mayorazgo of Corredera or the Castrillon. From Vejer de la Frontera is recommended to travel to the lagoon of La Janda, inhabited by cranes or eaglets ashes, but not before having enjoyed the Callejón de las Monjas.

It should be noted that the population referred to is maintained tradition of blankets, who covered his face in memory of past events in the Arabic. This is a historic folk custom.

Barbate, historical setting
At Cape Trafalgar mixture of Atlantic and Mediterranean climates, and evokes a famous naval battle that took the town of Barbate. This is a town linked to the sea since time immemorial.

The town of Barbate, compared to beacon of Trafalgar, was the scene of a tragic episode for the naval history of Spain. Recalling that great battle, visitors can tour a village of maritime atmosphere and sandy beaches. Tuna trap main attraction is its cuisine, as well as the chapel of St. Ambrose and the church of San Paolino scenarios are their worship.

Barbate can visit the Natural Park of the cliff and a beautiful pine forest. Furthermore, it is inconceivable to leave town without having to be referred to the aquifers from the cliff of Canos de Meca. Before heading to our last destination of the route, it is recommended to visit the fishing hamlet of the village of Zahara de los Atunes.

Benalup the youth of a nation
Located in the Loma de la Crane, Benalup notable for its youth and its beautiful places for rest.

Towards the interior, leaving the coast at the end of the tour, the traveler finds the people of Benalup. It is the youngest municipality in the province and a gateway to the Natural Park of bedrooms. The hospitality of the people of this town in the hill crane, makes the visit a meeting.

The ruins of the castle Ben Avalanche, which gave its name to the population, constitute a stop, which can be replicated in places of great beauty. Figures of the Tagus (rock station), the monastery and the caves of the Crow Algar are other proposals for this land Cadiz.

Tourists can close the route closer to the palace of Lagunetas or wild tasting typical products Benalup.

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