Carnival in Bahia

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The carnival in Salvador, unlike the Carioca (Rio de Janeiro) is a popular festival, which takes place on the street where the city is doomed only to that for six days.

Carnaval Salvador
When passed in 1950, two music students, Dodo and Osmar was after a way to amplify sounds so that they can give more joy to the carnival in Bahia. These young people left the streets 1929 Ford mounted even conditioning for the event. From the car music sounded over the loudspeakers and people were calling. Thus was formed the first electronic trio of carnival.

While the Trios (today called blocos) today are very different from the first, in the case at present of sound trucks with loudspeakers and many lights that form a sort of itinerant scenario where you see different artists.

The carnival also have support cars, trucks that where there are toilets, medical care, food and drink.

During these six days, the air is festive and fun. by this event go around three million people and there are three main circuits and armed: Osmar, Dodo and Batatinha, better known as Bar-Campo Grande, Barra-Ondina and Historical Center, by reference to the neighborhoods where they develop.

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The circuit Campo Grande is the oldest, runs from Campo Grande to Castro Alves Square, in downtown.

Barra-Ondina circuit was established as an option in the 90s with the rise of axé music. This circuit begins at the Farol da Barra and Ondina goes up. Is usually preferred by tourists as it is located near the beach, although that is more calm and less stressful.

The Arrastao, is one of the major attractions featuring the carnival. The move came more than 10 years in order to provide a spectacle that free beast without ropes insecurity. It takes place on Ash Wednesday in the morning and extends southward. If you still have energy you recommend not miss it.

Finally, the circuit will tell you about historical center that takes place in the Pelourinho. This circuit is taken into account based on the carnival of early twentieth century. It involves children playing bands and traditional regional music. Of the three, is the most quiet and simple, does not have electronic trio, or abbots blocos.

If you go first alternative is to be licking pipoca (pochocho) as stated in the area means that you should wear a white shirt and do not belong to any particular bloco. You can also join the party following her from a drinks stall where can also chat with the locals. In this way you will surely enjoy a more relaxed carnival.

The cabins are enclosed spaces on the avenues in which you must pay an entry.  

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Useful Data
You should go in slippers, muscular and short. We do not recommend taking valuables or too much money. With regard to food and drink, there are vendors who are authorized by the municipality.

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