Cadaqués and Portlligat: A couple great destinations in Spain

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Cadaqués and Portlligat are two destinations to consider when coming to Spain, these places have much to offer tourists.

Cadaqués and Portlligat

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Start the tour:

All this is possible in a weekend of good weather and enjoy the small coves and beaches that are in the Costa Brava. We can start the tour in Sant Martí d’Empúries i l’Escala, two very pretty coastal towns.

Greek and Roman ruins Empúries:

Empúries was one of the first Greek people who settled in Spain in the seventh century BC. During the Second Punic War (third century BC) Roman Emporion passed to the appoint Emporiae.

The entrance to the archaeological complex of Empúries costs € 3 per person and the tour of the Greek and Roman ruins takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. The conservation status of the ruins is relatively good and you can feel the Greek and Roman city. Besides the explanations are in the way give us an idea of the streets, the functionality of some of the houses that were in the city and see the mosaics. One of the most famous pieces from the ruins of Empúries is the statue of Asklepios, the god of medicine, in excellent condition and was placed in the temple that bears his name.

We recommend visiting the ruins of Empúries late in the evening or early morning as if summer is very hot and there are few shaded areas.


Cadaqués is a picturesque fishing village in the heart of Cap de Creus on the Costa Brava. Dedicated to fishing and wine, which is one of the places where it is grown Picapoll is a pleasure to walk through its narrow stone streets to see the town from the beach with the white church of Santa Maria in the spotlight looks.

 Beach in Cadaques:

Cadaqués became famous worldwide thanks to the artist Salvador Dali. Dali had initially intended to place its main museum instead of Cadaqués Figueres, where it is today. When Dalí returned from New York, settled in Portlligat, which is the natural port of Cadaques. It is for this reason that many artists and prominent people visit the town, such as Garcia Lorca, Pablo Picasso and Walt Disney.

In Cadaqués one of the favorite restaurants is Can Rafa, where you can eat delicious paella. The owner himself serves the tables and says the plates with all the guests. It is a very recommendable.


Photography by xargos

Dali House visit Portlligat:

Portlligat is in the house where Salvador Dalí Museum where he worked since 1930 Empordà genius until Gala died in 1982. The house is a spectacular labyrinth of old fishermen’s houses in the area to which Dali bought them home and was increasing the size of his connecting. The entrance of the house is “monitored” by a polar bear and a pair of dissecting rooms.

Next to the bear dissected there are stairs that lead to the upper floor where there is the workshop of Salvador Dalí, with his brushes and some original works, as well as rooms that served as warehouses. Above is the large room of Dalí and Gala, which has two levels. The geometry of the room allowed through a mirror the first rays of sunlight in the morning woke up from his bed Dali.

After several levels and rooms designed by Gala with photos of the two or a round room with a special sound, you reach the garden filled with works by Dali and finally the spectacular penis-shaped pool and dozens of works distributed kitsch the area. Perhaps the pool is the place that captivated me from the house.

To visit the Salvador Dalí House Museum, it is best to book date and time from the website Dalí Foundation. However, you have to be careful to be punctual, but their entries “expire” and when you get assigned a different time. Therefore, my recommendation is that if you’re in Cadaqués, take a long time to get specific to the museum.

The Cap de Creus:

The Cap de Creus is out of the Empordà coast with a steep, rocky landscapes, but also very spectacular. The Cap de Creus has been shaped by the north wind, north wind, blowing in the area of Catalonia. In the Cap de Creus are many trails for cross treckings entire cove after cove or you can even start the Camino de Santiago.

Cadaqués - Portlligat

Photography by habi

You can go to a coffee bar beneath the lighthouse of Cap de Creus. There also a small natural museum of flora and fauna of the Cap de Creus that lets you climb up the lighthouse. However, the views you have from the terrace of the bar are impressive and highly recommended for coffee after a paella at Can Rafa.

Cadaqués and Portlligat: A couple great destinations in Spain. Enjoy your trip!

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