Adventure Travel in Patagonia

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NCOBS Patagonia Laguna Jacob por North Carolina Outward Bound.

Adventure travel has the most varied activities through which people move from being spectators to be protagonists of the landscape. You can choose from trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, horseback riding, rafting, rappelling, zip line, these are just some of the many alternatives that offer the Patagonia Argentina.

Trekking is the most accessible to all since it involves hiking trails and various landscapes, the difficulty will vary depending on distance and type of road. There are more technical trails and simpler ones. The degree of difficulty is divided into mild, moderate, moderate and strong. Some ideal places for this activity are: the trip to Refugio Otto, Bariloche, which provides adequate outlets at all levels, meaning that it is suitable for all ages. This 18km from Pampa Linda, reached after four hours walking around, another option is to ride in a stretch and walk the rest of this form will be two hours of trekking. This tour is full day, taking advantage of the convenient location of the shelter to stop and rest and stunning ice formations, rock and snow.

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A very good choice for lovers of two wheels and mountain biking is undoubtedly one of the best routes is the crossing of the Andes where the goal is to unite San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina to Puerto Montt, Chile. This journey takes about 5 days since they have to be making several stops. You can also choose to make the trip to Mirror Lake in Villa Langostura is important to find your rhythm in the mountain bike without push yourself too, since the total of the trail is long. A fact not less important is that they take account of liquid and remained so do not dehydrate. After traveling 1 km of Route 231 must turn right down the street Antriao Cacique, which will lead to a slight but long downward slope of a gravel road toward the beach of Lake Correntoso. Area will be crossing the northern districts of Villa La Angostura. Throughout all the way you can enjoy the unique landscapes, the round is almost all downhill.

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Certainly an extreme sport is skiing and snowboarding down a steep hill at high speeds is undoubtedly extremely brave. The better places to do this are: Centro de Ski La Hoya, in Chubut, this mountain activity center, located 13 km from the city, with a privileged location, offers snow from the first days of June; Center Ski Cerro Bayo, in Neuquen, Villa Langostura, throughout all these years, with unique features for its natural beauty, is to go in the winter months. This ski center is a landmark in every year; Chapelco, San Martin de los Andes, well into the spring, this winter resort provides a memorable ski season, with plenty of sunshine, excellent snow quality and services first level.

Cerro Catedral por Super 8 Bariloche.

Rafting is a sport that can be enjoyed in a team where members paddle the raft and guide their weight in a coordinated way to travel the rapids of rivers and stay afloat. This activity can be done with family in the easier levels, which are accessible to the general public want to do. In the rafting, the degree of difficulty is classified by the rivers, which range from 1 to 6 degrees, with 1 being the easiest and 6 only for experts. The rivers of difficulty 6 are quite dangerous and are at the limit of navigability. To access must take into account that children can climb if they are age 6 through 12 must be accompanied by adults. Some places of Patagonia where you can perform this activity are: Rio Manso in Bariloche Student rapids in Neuquen, the Hua-Hum San Martin de los Andes or the Corcovado River in Esquel, Chubut.

Summit! Torres Central del Paine por Jonathan_Trango.

In addition to the above activities can be carried out horseback riding, climbing, diving, boat trips, 4 x 4, among others. From now if you are looking for a vacation with a bit of action this is the place chosen, it will not have time to get bored and will remain active throughout your stay!

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