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 Japan 2009 por anjuli_ayer.

Tokyo is a wonderful city, so you have to visit at least once in their life and lose yourself in its streets and experience the bustles that cause its nearly 13 million people. The city is so very great that there are always places to discover, but in any case try to do a review of the most relevant.
Shibuya is primarily a place to go at night. His neon, restaurants and big screens are there to draw the attention of passers-night and to help you discover the place in all its glory. As a curiosity, mention the Hachiko statue of a dog who became famous for going to find his master the metro every day, even many years after he died and whose proximity is the main meeting area in Shibuya.

Then there is Shinjuku, a place much like Shibuya, especially the profusion of neon and youth, but with a different charm from their skyscrapers, the highest in the city. This is the area where many tourists choose to stay, because large number of hotels and the fact that is well served and is one of the best places to go drinking. Furthermore is the most abundant where accidental and therefore may arise where less problems with our status as aliens.

Neons a Shinjuku / Neon lights in Shinjuku por SBA73.

Furthermore, Shinjuku find the most pungent of the city. In Kabukicho are all kinds of entertainment: bars, restaurants, cocktail areas, and to round it turns out to be the red light district of the city. Moreover, the gay district in Shinjuku is also more specifically in Shinjuku ni-chome.

Harajuku is a small district located between Shinjuku and Shibuya and is a must-visit area for their uniqueness. After leaving the station, in front of it, we find the Takeshita street full of boutiques gothic, punk, hip hop … But most impressive are the girls who have made that part of town their hallmark . Their costumes are spectacular and many of them do cosplay masquerade as characters from manga or video game, and there’s always some group of kids dancing rockabilly among other eccentricities. But the most intriguing of all is that they are there to have the look, offering a free and curious spectacle of urban modernity.

Confidential Party Shibuya

Behind the station Yoyogi Park is one of the largest in the city, and one side is the Meiji Shinto temple, possibly the most revered of the city, surrounded by a lush forest.

Continuing with the leisure areas, we find Roppongi, a place that concentrates many nightclubs and bars, but that is the counterparts to that very quickly go out of fashion so that a bar is packed one day may be completely empty for a month later. The best known of the area is Roppongi Hills, a skyscraper with a somewhat futuristic interior that concentrates a large amount of leisure opportunities of every sign.

It is not all leisure in Tokyo, would be unforgivable to leave the place without visiting the Tsukiji fish market though in order to enjoy it in all its grandeur have to get up very early. If we watch the tuna auction we will be there at 5:30 in the morning and never come later than 7, since at that hour is almost all fish sold.

Despite being a market, Tsukiji is quite a show. There are varieties of fish in the West we never see, mussels a foot, live fish sale … This is quite possibly the most spectacular in the world market and has the added attraction in its surroundings is the freshest sushi around Tokyo, so the brand tradition that after visiting the market is that sushi breakfast before continuing our journey.

On the other hand, if you’re concerned with museums, our area is Ueno. In the Ueno Park and its surroundings are the best museums of the city along with a good number of Buddhist temples and the zoo. But if we wish to visit the Buddhist temple’s oldest and largest in Tokyo, Asakusa is Senso-ji, which is part of a major temple complex near the Asakusa Jinja, which is Shinto. It is also interesting to visit the Imperial Palace and surrounding gardens, as is usual with Japanese palaces, to visit there to make an appointment with a few days ahead, but the architecture and quality of works of art that houses worth ago worth the planning effort.

Finally, to make the usual last-minute shopping, it is important to mention two more visits: Ginza and Akihabara.

Ginza has two avenues with large stores and signature. You could say that is the most posh part of town and therefore the area with the most exclusive and expensive restaurants. The weekends are closed to traffic main street and turn into a pleasant stroll and shopping visit.

Moreover Akihabara is known as the technological district of the city and frequented by geeks, nerds and otaku. There we will find, apart from technological product stores one of the great attractions of Japan is its people’s fondness for cutting edge technology, retail anime, manga, comics, video games, cosplay and all kinds of spare parts. Obviously, in addition to shops, cafes and restaurantes there are these themes that will delight fans of the visitors.

La porta del tro / Thunder Gate

Tokyo is Japan, a different place but at the same time very similar to our cities, a place to miss, living the street and discovered during a pleasant stroll to spectacular hidden corners.

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