Tokyo, the city of the rising sun

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Tokyo, capital of Japan, located on the island Honshu, the main Japanese archipelago. Besides being the largest city, is the one with highest number of universities, financial institutions, corporations, schools, museums, theaters and so on. Has 23 districts with 8,340,000 people in them.

How come?
Mainly you can get to Tokyo by plane. This city has two airports:

Narita International Airport: is located in Narita, Chiba Prefecture, which is located east-southeast of Tokyo, connected with this city by 3 lines. The airport handles mainly international flights.
Tokyo International Airport (or Haneda) is in the Ota district, Tokyo. It also receives international flights although it focuses more on trade with Korea.

How do I move?
The quintessential urban transport is the subway. The Tokyo Metro is the fourth largest in the world (after the meters in New York, London and Madrid) and with a large influx of passengers, about 2800 million annually. It has 13 lines and 274 stations.
In addition, there are 7 railway stations throughout Japan communicating with their capital.
Another way of getting around town is by city bus. Tokyo has bus terminals in most Metro stations. Many of them belong to Toei Bus System, which have a price set for the trip, others are private lines that charge according to the route to be done. As there, we can also move in Taxi is quite expensive though.

What to see?
Kamakura: is 50 km southwest of Tokyo and 1 hour from the city station. It is interesting because of the many important temples, especially after surviving World War II.
Nikko: This is a town located 140 km from the capital. It is famous for the number of sanctuaries, beaches and temples are in it, so much so that their temples and shrines were designated by UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most of these buildings are from the Edo period.
Tokyo Tower: it is a tower with a design based on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It is painted in white and red, in accordance with aviation regulations. It measures 332.6 meters in height (more than the French tower) and is a transmitter of analog signals.

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Odaiba: artificial island located in the Tokyo Bay. It is an ideal place for shopping and fun as well, from the top of the Hotel Meridien, can contemplate a breathtaking view of the area.

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Harajuku: one district of Tokyo, famous for concentrating large numbers of young people, many of them dressed. It is the shopping and youth meeting for excellence. In addition, this area is in the Meiji Jingu, a Shinto temple, located in an artificial forest.

Ueno Park: This is a public park located in Ueno, a suburb of Tokyo. It is an area that houses numerous important buildings such as the Tokyo National Museum, the National Science Museum of Japan, National Museum of Western Art, chapels, a concert hall, a pond and a zoo. It is also full of important figures in Japanese legend and also a place where many people are homeless.

Hakone: located west of the capital. It can see breathtaking views of Mount Fuji also can visit the National Park Fuji-Hakone-Izu (includes the islands of Izu) and Lake Ashinoko.

Imperial Palace impressive building surrounded by beautiful gardens. It is the official residence of the Emperor of Japan. Located in Chiyoda, one of the neighborhoods in the Japanese capital.

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Where to Stay
There are many hotels where you can stay in the city.

Good luck!

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