Visit Christiania, the Free City of Copenhagen

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Copenhagen is one of the most interesting cities in Europe in many ways. Within this city, in the center, there is another small town, with defined borders, as if we were talking about a state where there are other laws and other forms of life, this small free city Christiania and it is known as one of the few communities in Europe who live according to standards set by its inhabitants.

Visit Christiania

Photography by caspermoller

Christiania entrance door:

It all started in the 70′s when a group of citizens of Copenhagen suggested the government create a self-managed area in the way of the hippies of the time. What began as a social and political experiment, became a popular area free. In this city, people live with their own rules and regulations, but Christiania veterans say they have lost some of its primal essence, this neighborhood is still a great cultural scene with “jam-sessions” almost daily, plays exhibitions, among other activities.

Christiania’s story begins in 1970 when a group of parents in Copenhagen threw a fence between Prinsessegade with Refshalevej streets near the Grey Hall to enjoy the city more green space for children. That same year he met hippies, vegetarians, squats and freaks starting to incubate the idea of creating a new community in this area of the city. This was the beginning of Christiania.


Photography by Xuanxu

During the following years, the police repeatedly attempted to evict the inhabitants of Christiania. In parallel, Christiania was organized for self-managed. East Freetown was gaining popularity in the theater and the show being staged, as well as building a communal bathhouse, a kindergarten, and community stores.

Christiania Street:

With the emergence of hard drugs in Denmark in the 80′s and the popularization of hashish, the police had started a witch hunt in Christiania. Although from the free city, was banned hard drugs and took to the traffickers, they also began plans to detox junkies who lived in Christiania.

Born in that decade many of the children called Christiania. In the late 80′s, the Danish state legalized Christiania. From that time the government has tried to rehabilitate the area, raising the rent in the neighborhood, among other actions. Recently made public the sale of land in Christiana real estate companies, which suggests a possible disappearance of the free city of Copenhagen.

What places to visit there in Christiania? These are: The Church of Christiania, Frelsers Kirke Vor Church in Christiania and / or Christiania gardens surrounding the entire district of Christiania.

the free city of Copenhagen

Photography by srotu

Tips if you visit Christiania:

Follows strictly the rules of Christiania, as that is forbidden to take photographs, bring weapons. Signature somewhere to follow Christiania neighborhood where the Danish state and do not sell that land to developers!

Christiana Bevar!

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