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If you want to visit Ireland this summer, is likely to land at Shannon Airport, Cork or Dublin. Even combine a very good idea to take a tour around the south of the island, which could reach Shannon, touring the southeast of the island by car for a few days later from the airport from the capital, only to an example.

Dublin Tourist Attractions

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When in Dublin, we offer a few visits to cover one or two day stay. These visits are all to do in the light of day because the night is the main character of the city and deserves its own space.

Dublin attractions:

Christchurch Cathedral and St. Patrick:

Both of imposing appearance, are the two cathedrals in Dublin. Christchurch, dating from 1038, is the current headquarters of the Archbishop of Dublin, and San Patricio (1191) is used more for events nationwide. They are located in central locations and pretty, it’s worth knowing.

Dublin Castle:

Little remains of the original castle that served as a fortress (XII century), but thanks to a guided tour (in English), you can still visit the original foundation, the throne room, and the Saint Patrick’s Hall, a beautiful room in which held many official government of Ireland.

Visit coastal villages: Dalkey

You can easily visit the surrounding towns to Dublin by train nearby, as an alternative to radically change the landscape for several hours. The coastal village of Dalkey, for example, is very scenic and pleasant walk. Come to your dock and watch the gulls perch on the rocks.


Photography by infomatique

Museum of Medieval Dublin:

This is an entertaining look at where we can see traces of Viking domination of the island, the reconstruction of houses in the medieval era, history of fever in Dublin, etc. It is a very enjoyable learning the history of the city and especially recommended if you go with children.

Half Penny Bridge:

This bridge is probably the image of Dublin. This is a pedestrian bridge built in 1816 on the River Liffey. Until the early twentieth century had to pay a toll to drive over it. Essential photograph during sunset.

The image of Dublin

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Dublin at night:

In Dublin the night is the star, the moment where the joys and hardships of the day are shared with friends in front of a Guinness (beer). It is not only a topic of Irish life revolves around pubs.

Except maybe on Saturday, other nights there are no major signs of activity in the environment of streets legendary pubs around the Temple Bar, but once inside the atmosphere is a friendly and comradely. There is no hurry and People are friendly and carefree, the roar of voices fills the corners.

The music is presented both in the streets and in pubs. In these, there are the musicians playing for a couple of hours. You look sideways at people, and notice that you do not look like a stranger, but as a component.

Visit and learn Dublin

Photography by Ewan-M

On Saturday night, the festival is also on the street, where it is barely able to walk. The point exotic and funny they put the English girls coming from Liverpool, all these they are happy, screaming, with very light clothing and suggestive even in winter.

Dublin night waiting with open arms at very affordable prices, are you game?

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