Ucayali, a heavenly place to learn

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Back from town! por pierre pouliquin.

Ucayali is a department of the Peruvian jungle, home to a population of around half a million inhabitants. Its capital is 154 m.s.n.m. Pucallpa Humid and warm (around 39 degrees C), hosts a large population as Shipibos native communities, and Conibos Shetebo with which you can share if you like adventure in the jungle, surely this is the place to visit.

Yarinacocha Lake in Ucayali
There is three ways to reach Ucayali: by land, along the Carretera Central, the second is a direct flight from Lima and the third, a boating adventure through the Amazon from Iquitos. Everything depends on the traveler, as the first and third biggest adventure guaranteed route. The main road coming from Huánuco and the road between Tingo Maria to Pucallpa. They are 260 kilometers in the said alternating and asphalt damaged by the rains.

El Peque-peque de Yarinacocha por chasqui01.

To begin, make sure to fill either the fuel tank of the vehicle and if in doubt, carry a spare gallon jug, then you will only find 84-octane gasoline and oil. The mileage of the Central Highway will open to the dividing line between the departments of Huanuco and Ucayali. This completes the splice mileage in kilometer 214 of the Federico Basadre road, measured from Pucallpa.

For the climate, some parts of the road give way, thus, the width of the road is reduced. The landscape along the road is bright green and steep precipices. The attraction of this route is in its beautiful scenery. Chief among them is the mantle of the Bride, at kilometer 183. What follows is a tunnel that marks the beginning of the paved stretch that leads to the town of Aguaytía (kilometer 165 / 287 meters). The next installment is more demanding for the state of the road, however, relief comes in the last seventy miles before Pucallpa (mile 1 / 154 m), since they are paved and in good condition.

The easiest way to reach Ucayali is by plane. Scheduled flights depart around 10 am, which means that on arrival, you must take to do the city tour and leave Yarinacocha ride for the next day.

One option Ucayali adventure is undoubtedly the Boqueron del Padre Abad, to get it a need that camioneta.4 × 4. This attraction is located at 485 m.s.n.m. and is a place of lush vegetation and part of an impressive series of waterfalls. The most famous of them all (and the most beautiful) is the Manto de la Novia, who is twenty feet tall and forms a spring.

In Ucayali celebrate various festivities, which show what its people happy. So between February and March were carried out by the Ucayali Carnival festival, the traditional festival of San Juan and the Indian Dance Festival is in June. Between August and September Regional Festival will celebrate the World Day of folklore and Tourist Week Ucayali region. And Christmas can enjoy the Christmas grazed.

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