Tyrannosaurus rex in the Natural History Museum London

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Probably many will agree that London is one of the best cities to visit with children: city of great distances, heavy traffic, with much cement and frenetic activity everywhere. However, London is also the great city of museums, whose showmanship has spoken at length on many occasions.

Tyrannosaurus rex in the Natural History Museum London

Photography by Mikelo

Speaking of museums is not necessarily about adult entertainment, and a good example of this is the great Museum of Natural History in London. Opened in 1881 as such after “independence” of the British Museum, features thousands of specimens of all plant and animal species and entomological exhibition, mineralogical and paleontological.

There are three fundamental characteristics that define the spectacle of the museum: the enormous building, the imposing facade of Victorian architecture, the vast and varied collection that houses and, above all, the ubiquitous nature will enjoy informative to both large and small.

London the Natural History Museum London

Photography by srboisvert

At the Museum of Natural History explains everything with a profusion of details: the evolution of planet Earth, including plate tectonics, biodiversity, natural processes, most important, and the evolution of species, among others. We can see videos that explain these processes, playing rare mineral origin. Cross a globe via an escalator, or visit hear winds inside a whale. Even we can see in our own flesh what you feel during an earthquake of moderate scale: for that we should be on a decorated set in a Japanese supermarket, and in a few moments everything will move around us and we will see similar scenes on TV of earthquakes, but in this case real.

However, the stars of the Natural History Museum of London are the dinosaurs. We will see dinosaur bones and fossils of large and small, accompanied by drawings that will explain the habitat of these creatures and their modus vivendi. We will also see spectacular dinosaur models some older ones, such as Diplodocus and Triceratops, as well as real skeletons of countless species extinct.

And this is just a preamble to reach the most acclaimed exhibition and visited the museum: an entire area dedicated to the largest and most feared predator of all time, Tyrannosaurus Rex. We will see several skeletons of real specimens, find out how they hunted or reared their young, we will see how they use their short front legs and fangs can measure actual Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Natural History Museum London

Photography by Mikelo

But a distant roar us restless and full of curiosity at the same time, according to the mass of onlookers, come to a room where articulated model displays a scale of one of these monsters of Earth’s distant past. His mere contemplation and worth all the queues that have been to bear upon entering the museum, Tyrannosaurus movements are logradísimos and is a joy to see how small are captivated by his presence among fearful and fascinated.

Ah, of course, we said that visiting the Natural History Museum in London is free. Getting there In London you have to take the subway everywhere and the nearest subway station is South Kensington. The tunnel itself leaves us out the doors of the museum.

Come and meet the Jurassic gem … the Tyrannosaurus rex.

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