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Avda. 9 de Julio y Obelisco - Buenos Aires por Iván Utz.

The Republic of Argentina, is a sovereign country located south of America, comprised of 23 provinces and an autonomous city. Buenos Aires is the capital of the state, considered by extension the second state in South America, the fourth in the Americas and eighth in the world. The country has boundaries on the north by Bolivia and Paraguay, northeast Brazil and west and south by Chile and Paraguay and on the east by the Atlantic Ocean. Argentina is one of the countries with the lowest population density in the world, is located in the southern region of the continent and its geography is divided into eight different regions formed by the Plain Platense, whose lands are washed by the rivers Pilcomayo, Paraguay, Alto Parana the south and north of the Colorado River, a territory of vast plains, grasslands and swamps. The region of the Plateau Entrerriana, located in northeastern Argentina is characterized by islands formed by sediments of the Parana River.

The region of the sub-Andean Sierras, conformed by the low lands of the mountains. The Northwest region in that territory is the Puna, Cordillera Oriental, streaked mountains, plateaus, gorges and valleys of gentle slope. The region of Cuyo region of towering peaks and snow in this region is the Aconcagua, the highest peak in America with 6 959 meters. The Pampean Sierras, located in the center of the country, has features of flat tops, valleys and fields. The Argentine sea, here is the platform of Argentina and is one of the largest in the world. Argentina Antarctica is the southernmost region of the territory covered in ice and snow most of the year.

As for climate, Argentina has a variety of climates due to the extent of its territory, the Pacific and Atlantic are what determine its rainfall, hot winds from the Atlantic and those from area South Pacific are cold and dry winds determine the climate. Argentina has great diversity of flora and fauna depend heavily on the region, for example in the northern subtropical plants predominates.

In relation to its economy, Argentina is considered the third economic power in Latin America, basing its economy on agriculture and livestock, highlighted in the production of soybeans, sunflower, corn and wheat, beef and dairy. The oil, mining, manufacturing and construction are sectors that drive its economy. Tourism is one sector that is picking up in the country, its vast territory has great tourist attractions, the second most visited country after Brazil. Buenos Aires is the first destination visited by foreign tourists, being the country’s major attractions Niagara Falls, Ischigualasto Park, the train of clouds is one of the world’s highest railway, the glaciers of Patagonia, and the area of Mar del Plata.

With respect to your food. Argentina has dishes based on beef, the most recognized barbecue or grill, pies, and locro humitas and due to its high production of milk cheese consumption is high. The typical drink is mate, tea prepared with leaves of yerba mate. The representative of Argentina’s dance the tango strongly rooted in the customs of its inhabitants and of international renown. Argentina to reach the main entrance is the Ezeiza International Airport, located 35 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires is interconnected with the main regions and cities by an extensive network of roads and sea access to major ports, imports by the country. Argentina has many attractive places to visit and enjoy.

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  1. Kelly Says:

    Hi, Palermo is one of the best neighborhoods in BA. You are near the zoo and the botanical garden which are great places to visit. Last year I rented an apartment in Palermo Buenos Aires which was near the down town. I also wnet to other places like Iguazu Falls and the city of Salta. Unbelievable landscapes.
    I hope I can come back, Argentina is one of the best places I´ve ever been to.

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