Buenos Aires, where the tourist route

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Buenos Aires, where the tourist route

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, is one of the major cities of Latin America, is a modern and cosmopolitan city. It is the largest city in South America and is the most important cultural center in Argentina.
Located on the right bank of the Rio de la Plata, on a vast pampas, its climate is temperate humid and the average temperature is between 17 and 19 º C. Its architecture is of European style and the city there are many museums, exhibition halls, art galleries and theaters, which shows their level of culture. Buenos Aires is the financial and economic center of the country and is also the main port in the nation, his business is very active.

It has an excellent infrastructure of hotels, from five star hotels to modest lodgings, aimed at all economic levels. The most interesting tourist spots are: The neighborhood of Belgrano, Palermo and Costanera Norte, Recoleta, Retiro, Barrio Norte, San Nicolas and fun facts, Montserrat, Puerto Madero and Costanera Sur, San Telmo, La Boca and Slaughterhouses.

Among the places you cannot miss to visit are, the Obelisk, a symbol of Buenos Aires, Caminito, street pedestrian museum, the Field of Boca, one of the most popular clubs in Buenos Aires, River Plate Stadium, known as the monumental The Recoleta Cemetery, the oldest and most aristocratic of the city, the ecological reserve, rather than 360 hectares whose land were reclaimed from the river and filled artificially. Among the activities that can be done in the city is enjoying its nightlife is very active, enjoy the artistic, cultural and musical, especially enjoy tango.

tango 4 por jovivebo.

Shopping in the city, the best and luxury shops are available in the Recoleta neighborhood, there are the craft fairs and other alternatives such as buying antiques fair in San Telmo. But if you want to depart from the bustle of the city, the River Plate is ideal for water sports, like the Paraná Delta area and the lagoons around Buenos Aires that practice?, Boating, wind surfing, water skiing and rowing. Fishing is another activity that takes place in the delta of the Parana.

If you want to enjoy the countryside, experiential tourism is the ideal, you can enjoy one or two field days in the rooms with accommodation capacity, participating in the activities of the agricultural and livestock production, sharing folklore shows and enjoy the gastronomy rural.  Cultural tourism is another activity available in the city of Buenos Aires, there are 129 museums that preserve an important heritage, to name a few, like the Museum of Pre-Hispanic Art, the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires, the Museum of Fine Arts , Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández, Carlos Gardel House Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, among others.

What more visit in the city? The Costanera Norte with a series of sport where you can practice swimming, tennis, windsurfing and sailing, the Natural Park of the Costanera Sur, where you can walk or cycle along the different paths that lead us to the river, Tres de Febrero Park, site of 80 hectares is dominated by two artificial lakes and rose gardens, the Japanese Garden with beautiful oriental gardens and the Botanical Garden which occupies 6 hectares and adorning the city with its greenery.

Recoleta por Slaff.

Access to the city can be air in international scheduled flights linking major cities in the world by the various airlines operating at the airport Ezeiza. Overland access is made from different cities of the country because it has excellent roads, either by car or bus. If you travel on vacation, Buenos Aires is waiting with open arms and warmth of its people.

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