Travel to the town of Tequila in Mexico

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Photography by Peter Shanks

Tequila is the cradle of the most famous Mexican drink, which once knew and enjoyed its native inhabitants. Among plantations of agave that grow in the sun, spicy cuisine and exquisite colonial memories, the city invites you to see the distillation process of tequila and its well known consequences.

On all tours, as well as admire the great attractions of the cities and natural sites have been chosen as a destination, one is often left with an image, usually small, which may come to see just by chance but nevertheless mark the stay both like cathedrals, skyscrapers, museums, waterfalls or the snowy mountains. They may be old and worn iron scales of grocery stores in Central Havana, or the leaves of the almond trees falling in August in Rio de Janeiro, or the elusive squirrels Battery Park in New York, to name a few.

The “agave landscape” typical of Tequila is considered a World Heritage Site.

Travel to the town of Tequila in Mexico

Photography by kawanet

Drinking with the five senses:

A 65 miles from Guadalajara, Tequila is a small town in Jalisco to hold the category of “Pueblo Magico” granted by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico to the locations of rich historical and cultural heritage. In this case it is the site where you create the national drink, and from where to the main markets in the world, especially towards the Mediterranean, since Greece is the largest importer of tequila in the world.

The process begins by craftsmen and raw under the hot sun of the area, called “jimadores” agave trimming and cutting with machetes and other tools like shovels, to dig them the huge “pineapple”, containing tubercle sugar. Later this pineapple will be subject to steam-baking process, tearing to get the juice, add yeast, fermentation and distillation.

Where to go?

Cholula is located opposite the Plaza de Armas, a picturesque square where a street market with clothing, crafts and snacks. There is also a beautiful French-style pergola, sculptural tributes to the priest and Spanish soldier who stood out in the first stage of the War of Independence of Mexico, Miguel Hidalgo and Benito Juarez, president of the country in more than one period. A few meters, the monument to the Defenders of the Town of Tequila, which dates from 1878. Vale a photo at the monument to the Defenders of the Town of Tequila, near the Plaza de Armas. Later the main square stands the church for the church of St. Jacob, dating from the seventeenth century, an entire block of bars, where one may fail to live without problems just look at the hundreds of bottles of multiple designs colorful labels placed on the walls, a pretty little chapel, and numerous and colorful colonial-era buildings. In the surrounding streets, original barrel-shaped carriage strolling tourists from around the world. During the ride, another surprise on the board of an ice cream parlor, along with traditional tastes can read other decidedly more original: rose petal, tamarind with chili, kiss Oaxaca, burnt milk, angel kiss of y. .. mescal with figs. Impossible to go by without trying this last, of indescribable and delicious flavor.

Appreciation to the town of Tequila:

In 2006, the Mexican region which produces the drink was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, under the name “Agave Landscape and Ancient Industrial Facilities of Tequila.” Formerly the area (about 34,660 hectares between the foot of the Tequila volcano, 3000 meters high, and the deep canyon of the Rio Grande) was inhabited by tribes Chichimecas, Otomi, Toltec and Nahuatlaca. These men and women were the ones who discovered the “sacred juice” of the plant. Today, many centuries later, probably those crazy rituals have become National Tequila Fair, celebrated every year from 29 November to 13 December. During these days there are parades, exhibitions of the major manufacturers, is practiced charrería (similar to American rodeos), chooses the queen and you can enjoy mariachi serenades and fireworks.

The town of Tequila in Mexico

Photography by Peter Shanks.

Bon voyage!

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